Everything We Can Learn About Marriage From Dax Shepard And Kristen Bell 

Rebecca Shortall
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Not everyone believes in love at first sight, soulmates, or finding "the one." That belief doesn't necessarily make someone a jaded, loveless cynic, though: in fact, that attitude is totally fine and can be healthy! It's also the case for one of Hollywood's cutest and most relatable couples. Yeah, that's right - Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard don't consider each other "the one." In fact, they've both dished to numerous publications about just how much time they dedicate to making their relationship work. They have been together since 2007 (married since 2013), after all: that's 10+ years of monogamy, which is almost unheard of in Hollywood. Plus they have two kids together, which never makes anything easier.

But the things Kristen Bell has said about marriage are pretty much pearls of wisdom for anyone who wants to put in the work and have a long, sustainable relationship. We could probably all take some cues from this candid and realistic couple. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell's straightforwardness and invested effort in their relationship is a blessing for us all: we could all stand to learn something from these two.  

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Dax Shepard Doesn't Want You To Think They're #RelationshipGoals

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Dax Shepard knows how much work goes into his relationship with Kristen Bell, and that's exactly why he doesn't want the internet holding them up as #relationshipgoals. Shepard gave an interview about how he doesn't want an Internet fandom glorifying their partnership:  

My only fear is that people see us and think, "Oh, I just need to find my Kristen Bell." That’s not true. You’ll find your Kristen Bell but guess what, now the work starts […][Relationships] are labor intensive. If you want them to last they are labor intensive.

It Wasn't Love At First Sight

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Sparks didn’t fly for the pair during their initial meeting, in fact, Shepard was admittedly rather put off by Bell's enthusiastic personality, while Bell described their first encounter as "not electric." Shepard described their first encounter as being a little on the awkward side:  

When I met her and her friends, I was suspicious of their unbridled happiness, […] I thought, "Something stinks here; they're in a cult."

But the pair met again at a Detroit Red Wings game a couple of weeks later and then sparks flew.

They 'Earned' Each Other

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Kristen Bell had possibly the sweetest thing to say about her and Shepard's unwavering devotion to working on their relationship in an interview with Entertainment Tonight:  

Our relationship wasn’t perfect... We had a couple years of fighting and of growing pains and hating each other, then loving each other and going to couples therapy and we worked it out... We earned each other.

They Disagree On A Lot

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Relationships aren't an easy ride. Who the hell has a partnership completely devoid of fights? Not Bell and Shepard, in fact Bell has admitted that the couple have a huge number of disagreements, but that this isn't necessarily a bad thing:  

I do disagree with him on 90 percent of the issues on the planet... But we have really wonderful, intense valued conversations about things, and I always see his point, even if I disagree. It’s hard to do... I’m telling you — I disagree with him on almost everything, but I have intense respect for his critical thinking skills and the fact that we were raised differently. I always see his point. I do not and will not ever have contempt for him.