Kristen Stewart Actually Smiling & Looking Happy

Is there any Hollywood celebrity glummer than Kristen Stewart? It’s hard to think of anyone who smiles less in photographs than KStew. Maybe there’s a giant conspiracy against her and that the media is trying to paint her as a moody superstar, so every photo of Kristen Stewart smiling goes right into the recycle bin.

Believe it or not, though, Kristen Stewart smiles. If you’re one of the non-believers then get ready to have a change of heart, because we’ve got a delightful list of photos of KStew smiling and actually looking happy.

Photos of Kristen Stewart smiling are fairly hard to come by, at least until recently. One can only assume that while working on the Twilight quadrilogy, she was so entrenched in her work that there was no time for smiling. Now she’s free as a vampire bat and and it’s really nice to see Kristen Stewart happy. After some research, it turned out that she actually smiled quite a bit even before Twilight. Hopefully these photos of KStew smiling are only the beginning, and soon enough there will even be photos of her laughing.

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