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All Of Kristen Wiig's SNL Characters

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Fans and critics can debate the minutiae from sketches to casts when they dissect and discuss Saturday Night Live, but the fact is that it still churns out weekly episodes that get people talking. When a Kristen Wiig character starts writhing around and repeating herself you know the sketch is going to be a winner. In the four decades since Saturday Night Live first aired in 1975, the series' cultural reach has been one of its defining legacies and that wouldn't be the case without the series' cast members and the bold, insane, and nonsense characters that they've brought into the world. 

While everyone can quote their favorite lines from Turd Ferguson (Burt Reynolds), Stefon, or MacGruber, it takes an SNL purist to remember the countless characters that are less iconic. But for Kristen Wiig, who began her run on SNL back in 2005 and quickly broke out into an A-list star, there just aren't that many characters that haven't become iconic. The best Kristen Wiig SNL characters are usually shy and awkward wierdos who contort their bodies into strange positions while yelling - or singing, as is the case of Dooneese backing up her sisters on the Lawrence Welk Show. Wiig brings an unbounded energy to her characters, making her Target Lady or Sue feel like emotion bombs about to go off.

Just by looking at all the Kristen Wiig characters from Saturday Night Live on this list, it's obvious that Wiig is one of the best things to come out of the show from the previous generation of cast members. To celebrate her weird energy, let's get a job at Target, leave the register because there's a sale on, and rank this list of all Kristen Wiig's characters from Saturday Night Live.

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    Target Lady

    Kristen Wiig's Target Lady was a fan favorite who has appeared in so many sketches that she's a bonified quotable legend. In fact, Target Lady was so popular that it was Wiig's pronunciation of Tar-jey that brought it to the mainstream. With this character, Wiig channeled her boundless optimism into a character so obsessed with Target that she's always end up running off to purchase something rather than actually doing her job. 

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    Rocking back and forth, unable to contain her excitement, smiling like a maniac, making everyone umcomfortable. These are all Wiig trademarks. They are also all the things that her fan favorite Sue character was known for as she'd hear about a surprise and innevitably ruin that surprise for everyone.

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    Dooneese has recurred more than almost any other Wiig character, and it's easy to see why. An unattractive weirdo who performs next to her three attractive sisters on The Lawrence Welk Show, Dooneese is a singer who always sings last. And that's because she sings about painfully personal and disturbing experiences in a way that's less singing and more nails on a chalkboard.

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    No, this is not a repeat character, but it is another Wiig classic filled with nervous energy. Often getting herself into ridiculous conversations because of her compulsive lies, Penelope is most famous for twirling her hair and being the embodiment of what Wiig did best during her time on SNL.

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