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Ghost Hunters Got More Than They Expected When They Found A Dead Body At An Abandoned Hospital

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A ghost hunt turned into a real life murder case when the members of the Mississippi Paranormal Society stumbled upon a dead body. In June 2015, the ghost hunters uncovered the body of 69-year-old Sharon Wilson hidden in the brush surrounding the Kuhn Memorial State Hospital excursion, an abandoned hospital that is rumored to be haunted. 

The Kuhn Memorial State Hospital has a history of death. It was constructed during the Civil War as a treatment facility for people with small pox. After that it served as variety of hospital types until it was no longer in use and became a desolate, haunted skeleton of a building.

It’s always unsettling when a dead body is discovered in public, but when it’s discovered by a group of ghost hunters exploring a haunted building, it's even stranger. 

Here's how it went down.

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    Ghost Hunters Found A Dead Body During A Session

    On June 28, 2015 the Mississippi Ghost Hunters, a group of paranormal investigators, were investigating the Kuhn Memorial State Hospital when they found something possibly more harrowing than a ghost. In the middle of their investigation the group discovered the body of 69-year-old Sharon Wilson.

    Wilson had been bludgeoned to death and hidden in the brush surrounding the hospital, likely because her killer didn't expect anyone to visit the abandoned building. A day after the discovery, an unrelated paranormal investigator visited the site and claimed to have found a trail of blood leading through the hospital to the grassy area where Wilson was left. 


  • Wilson Was Murdered By An Escaped Convict

    On June 30, 2015, two days after the discovery of Wilson's body, Leland County police pulled over two men who were caught driving a car owned by the woman that had been reported stolen. Neither Akeem McCloud, 20, or Rafael McCloud 33 were immediately charged but a week later CBS News reported that Rafael McCloud had escaped from prison and broken into Wilson's home the night before her body was discovered. 

    Authorities believe that McCloud knew Wilson, having previously completed yard work for her, and that on the night of her death he sexually assaulted her before beating her to death and leaving her body in the abandoned hospital. 

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    Paranormal Groups Flocked To The Site After The Body Was Found

    After the discovery of Wilson's body by paranormal investigators at the Kuhn hospital, the grounds became a highly-trafficked spot for local ghost hunters. According to a member of the Mississippi Paranormal Society, the hospital "has a lot of places inside and out that would be an ideal spot to place a body." 

    Stories about the hospital paint it as a nexus of spooky activity, but the addition of an actual dead body certainly lends credibility to its haunted nature. 



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    The Hospital Is A Popular Ghost Hunting Site

    Before a body had ever been discovered on the grounds of Kuhn Memorial State Hospital, it was already a popular spot for paranormal investigators. The hospital appeared on an episode of Ghost Asylum in 2014, and numerous local groups researched hauntings in the walls of the abandoned buildings. The same year that the hospital appeared on television, the Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute recorded audio of a phantom voice saying, "Want to come play with me?"