12 Kurt Cobain Conspiracy Theories

For decades, the death of Kurt Cobain has cast a shadow over the world of rock music. Cobain's untimely suicide transformed him into a martyr who has come to represent much more than he might have ever intended. In addition to his legacy as a poet and an artist, Cobain left in his wake a trail of conspiracy theories longer than any B-side. 

At first glance, Cobain's death seems cut and dry - but once you begin examining the evidence, the whole situation becomes as opaque as the singer's lyrics. How did Kurt Cobain die? Though his death was officially ruled a suicide, many feel there are plenty of questions about it that have yet to be answered. While many Kurt Cobain death conspiracies place his wife, Courtney Love, at the center of his demise, there are just as many theories out there that suggest otherwise. Even the most concrete pieces of evidence that were found at the time of death - his suicide note and the shotgun he used - have their inconsistencies. To date, questions remain about who really killed Kurt Cobain.