15 Tumblr Posts About Kya That Prove She's Everyone's Favorite Aunt

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Despite being one of many characters introduced to the fandom in The Legend of Korra, Kya made quite the impression on ATLA fans — and not just because she's one of a few canonically LGBTQIA+ characters in the series. Here's what viewers on Tumblr have to say about everyone's favorite Aunt...

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    Kya Deserves To Be In A Spin-Off

    From Tumblr user holybeansprout

    imagine a show where it’s just kya, pema, zhu li, suyin, and lin beifong sitting around talking crap about all the other characters. i’d watch the heck out of that

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    This Fan Is Right About Kya's Family And They Should Say It

    From Tumblr user blank

    Legend of Korra: Aang ignored his non-airbender kids and excluded them from adventures to the point where most people don't even know they exist :/

    Every single ATLA fan with a shred of common sense: Aang was literally the most inclusive person to others in the series and the only time he displayed emotional distance was when he felt like his culture was being appropriated but even then he opted to correct the behavior and show a better way for the world to interact with Airbender culture. From the penguin sledding to the Omashu mail chutes to the fire nation dance we constantly see him try to include everyone he loves in the little moments of joy, and to imply that he would treat his own children otherwise — and furthermore to say that Katara would even allow such blatant favoritism without calling him out — is blatant character misrepresentation and slander on an unbelievable level. 

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    Reminder: Kya Is Canonically A...

    From Tumblr user simply-sweetness


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    Fans Were Robbed Of More Kya Content

    From Tumblr user cherryblossombay

    I wish we got to see the Gaang’s children all interact together in Lok!!! I feel like they would be such a vibe! I have a lot of little ideas for interactions I’d love to see, but here are a few specific ones...

    - Kya intentionally getting on Izumi’s nerves when they were teenagers (and when they get older)

    - That good old Lin/Kya awkwardnessss

    - Them just getting each other

    - Gossiping about their parents

    - Sharing different stories they were told, and seeing how different parents told the same story 2 completely different ways

    - Picking on each other. Just... *casually* roasting each other about how messed up their families are.

    - Izumi and Lin being angsty queens together

    We were robbed. ROBBED

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    Kya's Face Says It All

    From this Tumblr user

    “If kya is a lesbian then how will the waterbending legacy be carried on.” king did you even watch the show?

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    Speaking Of Kya's Relationship...

    From Tumblr user zukkacore

    The first time Lin realized she had feelings for Kya she didnt know how to process it so she just wrote her a note that said “get out of my city”

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