This Teenage Boy Committed An Atrocious Crime Against His Grandparents For No Apparent Reason

One of the most heinous murders committed by teenagers occurred in 2011 in Oklahoma and it mostly flew under the radar. The Kyle Smith murder case involves a brutal double homicide followed by an insane plan to cover up the murders committed by this 17-year-old. After this teen murdered his grandparents the local authorities tried everything they could to find a motive. They tried to place the blame on rock music, vague Satanism, and depression, but Smith’s crimes didn’t seem to be motivated by anything.

This Oklahoma teen murder case is confounding for a number of reasons. Not only is it awful that Kyle Smith just snapped one day and brutally murdered his grandparents, but he somehow managed to rope a couple of friends into the situation. It’s never cut and dried when teenagers commit murder, but the case of Kyle Smith leaves more questions than answers.

  • Kyle Smith Hacked Up His Grandparents With A Machete

    Kyle Smith Hacked Up His Grandparents With A Machete
    Photo: YouTube

    In early 2011 something snapped inside 17-year-old Kyle Smith and he chopped up his grandparents with a machete. According to local police Smith had a history of delinquency, he had attended multiple Midwest City schools before spending a brief amount of time in military school. After his stint in a military academy he began attending Moore High School, but nothing about his acting out had ever gotten so out of hand that he had a run in with the law. Prior to the murder Smith was living with his grandparents, David and Rose Garrick, who both worked at Tinker Air Force Base, and one day during spring break he decided to kill them both with a machete. He hacked and slashed until they were dead on their living room floor.

  • Kyle's Friends Tried To Help Him Cover Up The Crime

    Kyle's Friends Tried To Help Him Cover Up The Crime
    Photo: YouTube

    After murdering his grandparents Smith decided that he needed to get rid of the bodies and try to make everything look hunky dory in the house. To do so he enlisted the help of 18-year-old Dustin Martin and 17-year-old Jacob Leblanc, two friends from high school who were apparently totally cool with the fact that their buddy had chopped up his legal guardians. According to the Midwest City Police Chief's timeline, Smith called his friends over to his grandparents' house, told them what he had done, and asked if they would help him out. Unfortunately, their first plan didn't work. The Midwest City Police Chief said, "Initially they were going to try to clean the crime scene up but there was too much blood."

  • Smith And His Friends Tried To Burn Down The Family's Home

    Smith And His Friends Tried To Burn Down The Family's Home
    Photo: YouTube

    When the three friends came to the conclusion that cleaning up two bodies and all the blood that was on the scene wouldn't be feasible they had a meeting of the minds to see if they could come up with a better plan. After getting high in the living room the three geniuses decided to burn the house down. According to the police, the young men separately drove to the same gas station and bought a few gallons of gas with Smith's grandmother's card. Afterwards they all returned to the house (in separate cars!) poured accelerant all around the house and set it on fire. Immediately after setting the fire police say that Smith stole his grandfather's truck and tried to get away as quickly as possible.

  • He Even Killed The Family Dog

    As if this 17-year-old hacking up his grandparents with a machete weren't bad enough, he decided to carry out the second part of the MacDonald Triad by bludgeoning the family dog to death. The gruesome doggy death was discovered by firefighters who arrived at the family's home to put out the fire Smith and his accomplices set to cover their tracks. Once inside the firefighters discovered the bodies of Smith's human victims before moving through the rest of the house. Once they made their way to the bathroom they found the family's pet lying in a pool of blood in the bath tub with its head bashed in. 


  • There's A Graphic Video Of The Crime

    There's A Graphic Video Of The Crime
    Photo: YouTube

    Directly after murdering his grandparents Kyle Smith whipped out his phone and made a video capturing the crime in all of its brutality. The video hasn't been released to the public but it's been seen by multiple people. The timeline on this is a little wonky but either after killing his grandparents, or after setting fire to their home Smith drove to a friend's house and showed him the video of the crime scene, saying that he "wanted make a memory" or the murders. The friend thought the whole thing was a hoax so they didn't say anything until the next day when they saw a news report about the slayings. In the video Smith allegedly pokes at his grandmother's eye with a machete, speaks in a "demonic voice," and laughs at the dead bodies of his grandparents before saying, "Look at all those guts. That's ... crazy. F*ck both of you.”

    After that call, police were able to track down Smith's friend who told them Smith confessed to the murders and described the video Smith showed him of the killings.

  • It Wasn't Long Before Smith And His Friends Were Arrested

    It Wasn't Long Before Smith And His Friends Were Arrested
    Photo: YouTube

    Even if Smith hadn't shown his unnamed friend the video of the crime scene he still probably would have been caught almost immediately. After the friend saw a news report about the murders he immediately called the police to let them know that Smith was bragging about killing his grandparents, which led the police to ping Smith's location by triangulating his cell phone calls. It turns out that they didn't even need to do that because someone saw Smith driving his grandfather's truck and they called the cops. Smith was arrested on two counts of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit arson, and two counts of conspiracy to desecrate a human body. Smith's accomplices were picked up and charged with conspiracy to murder after the fact, conspiracy to commit arson, and conspiracy to
    desecrate a human body.