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The Most Impressive Kylie Jenner Nails

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It's not often that you see Kyle Jenner sporting short nails. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has come to be known for her elaborate nail designs. Whether you're impressed by the Kylie Jenner acrylic nails, the Kylie Jenner nail shapes, or even the Kylie Jenner nail designs, this list is for you. 

Below you'll see some of our favorite Kylie Jenner nails, from the long, square acrylic nails to pretty pink nails and rainbow nails. Some might be intrigued by the more 3D, artistic acrylic nails that Kylie Jenner sometimes sports. From the Kylie Jenner nail polish to the latest nails she shares on Instagram, you'll certainly find top-tier nail art on this list. 

Check out the pictures of Kylie Jenner nails below, and vote up the nail designs that you think are most impressive!