Celebrities TMI Facts About Kylie Jenner's Buckwild Sex Life  

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Despite being the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister, Kylie Jenner garners the most headlines for her sexuality today. Kylie Jenner sex stories make their way onto the web almost every time you refresh Instagram, each being more ridiculous or outrageous than the other. Musicians release tracks about Kylie Jenner's bedroom skills, and she rarely turns away to an opportunity to flaunt her body or sexuality. The birth of her daughter, Stormi Webster, only increased the public scrutiny surrounding Kylie Jenner's sex life and relationships. As a younger woman with a huge empire behind her, Jenner attracts attention for virtually anything she does. In fact, Jenner and Tyga's relationship caused a bit of a stir for the couple's age difference and Tyga's explicit lyrics and sex stories about Kylie Jenner. For all the scrutiny about her life, Jenner never appears to apologize for her behavior, choosing instead to live the lifestyle she prefers.

She And Tyga Spend A LOT Of Time In Bed

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According to one of Jenner's friends, she and her boyfriend Tyga spent most of their day in bed having all the sex. The insider said: “When things are good, they spend hours in bed together. Jenner always brags about how long their sessions go, and what great stamina Tyga has. She’s on cloud nine afterwards.” But when you're that rich, you're probably on cloud nine all the time.

Sucking Her Sister's Tongue Is Totally Normal

Hey, you know what looks totally normal? Sucking on your sibling's tongue while you film it. In 2015, she and Kendall filmed themselves quasi-kissing and posted it on Snapchat for the whole world to see. Jenner's response: “She sucked my tongue… I’m dead.

Jenner Probably Slept with Partynextdoor


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Jenner just can't get enough of up-and-coming musicians. During a much-publicized break up with her beau Tyga, Jenner allegedly hooked up with Partynextdoor. Although to hear Jenner say it  "the closest and most intimate she got with PND was in his video," which admittedly is pretty close.

She Practices Unsafe, Yet Sexy, Cooking Practices


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No one wants to put the kibosh on a young woman stripping down to her underwear while she whips up a nice lasagna dinner - which is exactly what Jenner did for her Snapchat followers in October 2016 - but it's just not safe to strip while cooking. Not only could meat sauce splatter cause third-degree burns, looking over your back at your camera takes your eyes off of the oven! Talk about fire hazard.