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Best L.A. Confidential quotes, with movie clips, ranked by fans. This list of great movie quotes from L.A. Confidential collects all of the most famous lines from the film in one place, allowing you to pick the top quotes and move them up the list. Quotations from movies are repeated all the time in other movies, on television, in speeches and in day-to-day life, so having a good knowledge of good movie quotes (and having resources useful to search movie quotes) have become essential. Many of the most notable quotes come from sources you may not even know about, some could even be the most memorable L.A. Confidential quotes or come from some of the other most quotable movies of all time.

Consistently named one of the best movies of all time, L.A. Confidential is the noir-esque story of three very different LA cops in the seedy 1950s all seeking justice for a growing crime problem in their city. Kim Basinger win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her part as a prostitute who becomes involved with one of the officers in his search for answers in his criminal investigation.

This list includes all the best L.A. Confidential lines and moments, just as they appeared in the actual movie script. Whether they are funny quotes, sad quotes, quotes about love or death, all the most famous L.A. Confidential quotes are here.

You Look Better Than Veronica Lake

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Lynn Bracken: You're the first man in five years who didn't tell me I look like Veronica Lake inside of a minute.
Bud White: You look better than Veronica Lake.
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I See Bud Because...

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Lynn Bracken: I see Bud because I want to. I see Bud because he can't hide the good inside of him. I see Bud because he treats me like Lynn Bracken and not some Veronica Lake look-alike who f**ks for money.
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The Nite Owl Case

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Bud White: The Nite Owl case made you. Do you want to tear all that down?
Ed Exley: With a wrecking ball... You want to help me swing it?
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I Use Girls

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Pierce Patchett: I use girls that look like movie stars. Sometimes I employ a plastic surgeon. When the work had been done, that's when you saw us.
Bud White: That's why her mother couldn't I.D. her. Jesus f**king Christ.
Pierce Patchett: No, Mr. White. Pierce Morehouse Patchett.
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