'La Brea' Stars Veronica St. Clair And Jack Martin Rank Who They'd Bring With Them Down The Sinkhole

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Vote up the companions you'd also want to bring with you down the sinkhole if you suddenly found yourself in a 'La Brea' situation.

NBC's mysterious series La Brea envisions a massive sinkhole that rocks the center of Los Angeles. Those who fall down the rabbit hole find themselves in an alien world as they try to escape to reunite with friends and family still above. 

It's a fantastical concept, sure, but who better to tell us who we'd really want to fall down that sinkhole with than the show's stars Veronica St. Clair and Jack Martin? They have clearly put some thought into all of this, figuring out an all-star team of La Brea sinkhole companions to explore the strange, surprise-filled landscape below.

Vote up the sinkhole companions you'd most also want to accompany you down into the hidden world beneath L.A.


  • To infinity and beyond, Veronica reminds us that having Buzz by your side makes perfect sense. "He's a pilot-spaceman daddy," she says.

  • Guy Fieri
    22 votes

    There may not be many diners, drive-ins and dives down there, but Jack notes, "We want it to be Flavortown" in the sinkhole. And there's only one man who can make that happen.

  • Phil McGraw
    25 votes

    He's folksy. He's honest. And he'll tell you to stop you're whining about falling down a damn hole. As Veronica says, "We need a psychologist down there."

  • Hulk Hogan
    11 votes

    Let me tell you something, brother. You need a bodyguard in the sink, and Hulk Hogan is kind of available at the moment.

  • Always good to have a manic idea man with you, and as Jack notes, he could help you figure out NFTs in the sinkhole.

  • Bhad Bhabie
    25 votes

    Just because you fell down a sinkhole doesn't mean you can't jam. So for "constant good bars, good music, and good vibes," Jack and Veronica recommend bringing Bhad Bhabie along.