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La La Land movie quotes provide the dialogue for the musical film following two aspiring stars in Los Angeles. The comedy-drama was written by Damien Chazelle and features the third collaboration as leads by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. La La Land opened in theaters on December 9, 2016.

In La La Land, Mia (Emma Stone) is an aspiring actress and barista who tries her best obtain acting roles, without much success. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a jazz pianist who, due to his tendency to improvise, is fired by boss Bill (J. K. Simmons). As the two pursue their dreams in Los Angeles, they keep running into one another and a friendship forms.

After some time, they two become romantic and support one another as they work towards their goals. Mia writes her own play, thinking it will boost her to stardom, while Sebastian, who struggles to pay bills at his apartment with sister Laura (Rosemarie DeWitt), takes a gig playing for a band, led by Keith (John Legend). But neither find the success they're looking for, something that takes a toll on their relationship.

La La Land hits theaters to join the likes of JackieAllied, Lion, and Bad Santa 2.

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This is the Dream

Mia: Maybe I'm not good enough.
Sebastian: Yes, you are.
Mia: Maybe I'm not. It's like a pipe dream. 
Sebastian: This is the dream. It's conflict and it's compromise and it's very, very exciting. 

Discouraged by a lack of getting jobs, Mia unloads to Sebastian about her failing career as an actress. Sebastian pulls her back to reality by explaining that it's not all rainbows and unicorns, rather it's a very exciting process to get where she wants.

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Jazz Is About the Future

Keith: How are you going to be a revolutionary is you're such a traditionalist? You're holding onto the past but jazz is about the future. 

In an attempt to get Sebastian to sign on to join his band, Keith questions Sebastian about his goals. While Sebastian wants to play traditional jazz, he won't be turning any heads unless he embraces the future.

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We Keep Running Into One Another

Mia: It's pretty strange that we keep running into one another. 
Sebastian: Maybe it means something.
Mia: I doubt it.
Sebastian: Yeah, I didn't think so.

Mia and Sebastian realize that they keep running into one another in town and wonder if that means something. While Mia denies it, they clearly have a connection.

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For Research

Mia: I got a callback!
Sebastian: What? Come on, for what?
Mia: For a TV show, the one I was telling you about
Sebastian: The Dangerous Minds meets The O.C.
Mia: Yeah
Sebastian: Congratulations! That's incredible!
Mia: I'm so excited. I feel like I said negative stuff about it before. 
Sebastian: What?
Mia: It's like Rebel Without a Cause, sort of 
Sebastian: I got the bullets!
Mia: Yes!
Sebastian: You've never seen it!
Mia: I've never seen it!
Sebastian: Oh my, you know it's playing at the Rialto.
Mia: Really?
Sebastian: Yes, you should, I mean, I'll, I can take you.
Mia: Okay
Sebastian: You know, for research
Mia: For research
Sebastian: Okay, Monday night, 10, 10 o'clock
Mia: All right, for research

Excited about receiving a callback, Mia shares the good news with Sebastian in these La La Land movie quotes. The conversation also leads to a date, or as they are calling it, research for her potential role.