makeup LaCroix Inspired Hair Is The Latest Hair Color Trend Going Viral  

Jessica DeFino
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If you’re a millennial, chances are you’ve popped open a fresh can (or a hundred) of LaCroix in your day. LaCroix (pronounced “La-CROY, rhymes with enjoy,” according to its website), the ubiquitous sparkling water brand, has been a go-to in the Midwest since the early ‘80s. Almost inexplicably, the company rose to national fame in 2015 and became the #1 brand for sparkling water – even beating out Perrier. And what’s not to love? LaCroix is the perfect combination of delicious flavors and fun, colorful packaging. 

In fact, the packaging is so fun and colorful that haircare brand Scruples was inspired to partner with LaCroix and t-shirt brand @lacroixsoverboys to create LaCroix hair. Yes, colorful hair inspired by LaCroix.

Eight Scruples-approved colorists applied the brand's Urban Shock hair dye infused with Brazilian Bond Builder to create beautiful hair coloring based on the most popular LaCroix flavors. Vote up the sparkling, bubbly hair colors that you’re coveting!

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This Berry La Croix Color Is Sweeter Than The Real Thing


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A Flavorful Look Based On La Croix's Colorful Apricot Can


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The Dimension In These Berry Highlights Is Insane


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Who Knew Melón Pomelo Would Be Your New Favorite Hair Color?


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