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15 'Ladies Man' Anime Characters The Girls Can't Get Enough Of

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Appearing in everything from shojo romance and harem anime to isekai and shonen is the anime ladies man. He may or may not be attractive to his audience - and if he's in a harem anime he's probably not intended to be - but the girls and women who surround him think he's the greatest guy they've ever met. 

Not all of these ladies man anime characters are actually looking for female attention - in fact, aside from a few exceptions like Issei Hyoudou of High School DXDmost of them aren't. Rather, most of them are either completely oblivious to how attractive women find them, or they're actively disinterested in it. Seishuu Handa of Handa-kun, for example, assumes that everyone hates him, meanwhile, he's wildly popular with his female classmates. Meanwhile, Sasuke Uchiha knows that the girls in his class are wild for him, but he's too focused on revenge to pay them any mind. According to these anime, the more a suave male character ignores the girls who love him, the more attractive he becomes.

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    Takumi Usui Doesn't Care For Constant Confessions In 'Kaichou wa Maid-sama'

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    Takumi Usui is one of those anime characters whose locker gets so stuffed with chocolates on Valentine's Day that they come avalanching out. He's constantly fielding confessions that he rejects because he isn't especially interested in girls who like him for superficial reasons.

    The one girl he is interested in, Misaki Ayuzawa, finds him patently detestable, partially because of his attractiveness to the girls who like him, and his sarcastic replies to those who confess. Despite her initial disdain, Usui takes on the challenge of forming a relatioship with her. 

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  • You know the stereotype that all isekai are about dudes who are surrounded by beautiful women who fall hopelessly in love with them? Kirito had a lot to do with the development of that image. While he does have a girlfriend, Asuna Yuuki, who he's relatively loyal to, that doesn't stop the majority of the girls who he encounters from developing at least a mild crush on him - especially if he helps them out in-game.

    The most extreme example of this is Leafa, a girl he meets in-game who turns out to be his IRL sister, Suguha. (To be fair, they're technically cousins, but they were raised as siblings.) Even being related apparently isn't enough to stop the ladies of Sword Art Online from loving on Kirito. 

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    Unlike most of the characters on this list - and most harem leads - Issei Hyoudou actually wants girls to lust after him. Specifically, he dreams about creating his own harem - and his wish actually comes true! It just involves losing his life, being resurrected, and then eventually being dragged into a conflict between angels, demons, and other supernatural beings.

    Is it worth it? Depends on whether you find supernatural women who could easily end your life attractive or not, but Issei sure seems to be having a good time. 

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    Shidou Itsuka Dates To Save The World In 'Date A Live'

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    Shidou Itsuka's goal in life involves getting as many girls as possible to fall in love with him. While this is actually for entirely altruistic reasons, it still takes some serious ladies man energy to pull off. Where some people might decide to destroy the Spirits that threaten humanity's safety, Shidou opts for something a little more peaceful - he turns on the charm and takes the Spirits out on dates. He hopes that through creating a positive and loving connection with them, they'll forgo their dangerous ways. More often than not, he's successful.

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