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15 'Ladies Man' Anime Characters The Girls Can't Get Enough Of

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Appearing in everything from shojo romance and harem anime to isekai and shonen is the anime ladies man. He may or may not be attractive to his audience - and if he's in a harem anime he's probably not intended to be - but the girls and women who surround him think he's the greatest guy they've ever met. 

Not all of these ladies man anime characters are actually looking for female attention - in fact, aside from a few exceptions like Issei Hyoudou of High School DXDmost of them aren't. Rather, most of them are either completely oblivious to how attractive women find them, or they're actively disinterested in it. Seishuu Handa of Handa-kun, for example, assumes that everyone hates him, meanwhile, he's wildly popular with his female classmates. Meanwhile, Sasuke Uchiha knows that the girls in his class are wild for him, but he's too focused on revenge to pay them any mind. According to these anime, the more a suave male character ignores the girls who love him, the more attractive he becomes.

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    Sakamoto Is Basically Perfect In 'Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto'

    Haven't you heard? Sakamoto is the ultimate ladies man! Actually, that's the premise of the whole anime - Sakamoto is so unrelentingly awesome that just about every girl he encounters gets heart palpitations, which makes his male classmates writhe in envy.

    Despite attracting all this attention, Sakamoto is a little more interested in developing his "secret skills" and striking unusual poses than he is in getting girlfriends - but if he wanted to, he could strike up a relationship with just about anyone. 

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    Seishuu Handa Doesn't Know He's Popular In 'Handa-kun'

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    When Seishuu Handa is in high school, he's wildly popular with his classmates - in fact, the majority of girls have crushes on him, and the majority of boys are filled with admiration. Handa doesn't realize this - actually he thinks that everyone hates him. That's the central joke of the series.

    Things don't change for Handa when he gets older - literally. When he gets to his mid-twenties, the people who love him are still high school girls and little kids. Poor Handa is utterly baffled by this, and would very much like for them to leave him alone so he can do his calligraphy in peace. 

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    Maybe it’s because he’s consistently willing to risk his life to protect them, but Koyomi Araragi has no shortage of girls harboring a crush on him. He has a girlfriend, Hitagi Senjyougahara, a fact which causes no shortage of problems. That’s because Oddities, the supernatural beings that take center stage in the world of Monogatari, often go completely out of control when the person they're targeting experiences negative felings like jealousy. So when a girl who isn't Senjyougahara has a crush on Araragi, that's likely to trigger a supernatural occurrence.

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    The Ladies Don't Realize That Kyouya Sata Is A Jerk In 'Wolf Girl & Black Prince'

    Thanks to his good looks, Kyouya Sata is his high school’s heart throb. That’s why Erika Shinohara pretends to be dating him in order to impress her friends. When he finds out that she’s lying about him, he reveals a side of himself that’s anything but charming.

    Instead of the dashing prince he appears to be, he’s actually a manipulative, domineering jerk - one who is using his terrible behavior to cover up major personal insecurities. Erika is one of the few people who knows the real him - which means that his school continues to admire the false image they’ve constructed for him. 

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