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Lady Bird movie quotes provide the dialogue to the film about one young woman who comes of age and struggles with the usual family, friends and future issues. The comedy-drama was written and directed by Greta Gerwig, who based the story, in part, on her own upbringing. Lady Bird opened theatrically in the United States on November 3, 2017.

In Lady Bird, Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan) is a 17-year-old teen with the typical teenager issues. She cannot get along with her mother, Marion (Laurie Metcalf) and some of her friends (including Lucas Hedges and Beanie Feldstein). She also sees life a bit differently than many teenagers and has given herself the name Lady Bird as a representation of that. 

So as she looks ahead to the future she wants for herself, Christine begins applying for colleges, including those out of state, and explores her sexuality. Against her parents' wishes, Christine selects a college across the country from home, something that allows her the perspective to see life in a new light.

Lady Bird was just one of several late 2017 movies that received critical acclaim along with The Disaster Artist, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Dunkirk, Baby Driver.

  • The Best Version of Yourself
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    The Best Version of Yourself

    Marion McPherson: I want you to be the best version of yourself.
    Christine McPherson: What if this is the best version?

    When Marion explains that she only wants the best for Christine, Christine throws an alternate idea into the conversation. Christine may think she has peaked but Marion knows that's far from true.

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  • Is That Your Given Name?
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    Is That Your Given Name?

    Father Leviatch: Lady Bird, is that your given name?
    Christine McPherson: Yeah
    Father Leviatch: Why is it in quotes?
    Christine McPherson: I gave it to myself. It’s given to me by me.

    As she auditions for the school theater, Christine explains a bit about her given name. Though she gave it to herself, Christine sees Lady Bird as who she really is.

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  • I Hate California
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    I Hate California

    Christine McPherson: I hate California. I want to go to the East Coast. I want to go where culture is like New York.
    Marion McPherson: How in the world did I raise such a snob?
    Christine McPherson: Or at least Connecticut or New Hampshire where writers live in the woods
    Marion McPherson: You wouldn’t get into those schools anyway.
    Christine McPherson: Mom!
    Marion McPherson: You should just go to City College. You know, with your work ethic just go to City College and then to jail and then back to City College and then maybe you’d learn to pull yourself up and not expect everybody to do everything.

    This argument between Christine and her mother, Marion, in these Lady Bird movie quotes pretty much sums up their tense relationship. They see life differently and, in this case, causes Christine to jump out of a moving car.

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  • You're So Infuriating!
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    You're So Infuriating!

    Marion McPherson: If you’re tired, we can sit down.
    Christine McPherson: I’m not tired.
    Marion McPherson: Because you’re dragging your feet
    Christine McPherson: You are so infuriating!
    Marion McPherson: Will you stop yelling?
    Christine McPherson: I’m not yelling... Oh, it’s perfect.
    Marion McPherson: Do you love it?

    A trip to the thrift store leads to another argument between Christine and Marion. Thankfully though, Marion finds a perfect dress for Christine and instantly all is well.

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  • The Wrong Side of the Tracks
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    The Wrong Side of the Tracks

    Danny: Lady Bird always says that she lives in on the wrong side of the tracks, but I always thought that that was like a metaphor, but there are actual train tracks.

    Danny explains to Christine's mother, Marion, about his understanding of Lady Bird in this Lady Bird movie quote. He seems to make sense, at least until he starts on about the railroad tracks.

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  • Strong Personalities
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    Strong Personalities

    Christine McPherson: Does mom hate me?
    Larry McPherson: You both have such strong personalities.

    Christine sits down with her father, Larry, to discuss her relationship with mother, Marion. As Larry explains in these Lady Bird movie quotes, it's not that Marion hates her, but rather they each have strong personalities that happen to clash.

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