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Lady Gaga has transitioned from being one of the most mysterious, enigmatic performers of her generation to an open book ready to talk about her pain and struggles. In her new Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two, the hit-making singer opens up about her past, her family, her battles with fame, her personal relationships, and her fibromyalgia, providing numerous eye-opening revelations about her life.

The public has learned about her passion for piano, LGBT rights and eccentric outfits before, but there has never been such an open look into Gaga's life before this. Even her biggest fans who obsess over every interview and public event she does have not had this kind of access before. The documentary tells the story of a woman on top of the world about to perform on the biggest stage of her career, the Super Bowl Halftime Show, while also dealing with some of the most intense personal struggles of her life. We also see her releasing her latest studio album, Joanne, a departure from the EDM bangers we've come to recognize as pure Gaga.

Here are the most eye-opening things we learned about the pop superstar in Gaga: Five Foot Two.

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Her Struggle With Fibromyalgia Is Very Serious

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Ever since she broke her right hip while on tour in 2013, Gaga has been suffering from chronic pain. The documentary features several scenes of her struggling as medics, therapists and her own team try to ease her pain. At one heartbreaking point, she admits to being "embarrassed," noting that if she didn't have the kind of money she has she doesn't know what she would do.

"I just think about other people that have maybe something like this that are struggling to figure out what it is, and they don't have the money to have somebody help them," she says. "Like, I don't know what I'd f*ckin' do if I didn't have everybody here to help me. What the hell would I do?"

She still battles with fibromyalgia, having to cancel the entire European leg of the Joanne World Tour in early September 2017 to combat her issues.

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She Hid Behind Her Eccentric Wigs And Costumes

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Gaga has made a name for herself with her eye-catching costumes, from meat dresses to an outfit made up entirely of Kermit the Frog dolls. The Joanne era saw her scaling back such eccentricities significantly and, as she implies in the documentary, she now feels more comfortable in her own skin. While she admits she still loves the glamour and avant-garde looks, it is only now that she feels happy in comfortable clothes.

"I never felt comfortable enough to sing and just be this way, now," she says. "To just sing, wear my hair back. I never felt pretty enough or smart enough or a good enough musician. That's the good part. The good part is that I just didn't feel good enough, and I do now. I know I deserve - of all the things I deserve, that is where I know I'm worth something so I have to stay there."

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Her True Thoughts On Madonna

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Comparisons between Gaga and Madonna have abounded since Gaga first burst onto the scene in 2008. It came to a head when Gaga released "Born This Way," which many observed was very similar to Madonna's hit, "Express Yourself." Madonna did not mince words as she said in a 2011 interview that "Born This Way" was "reductive."

Gaga addressed Madonna's shady comments about her in one candid portion of the documentary, admitting that while she still admires her, there's one thing about her she doesn't like. 

"I'm Italian and from New York so like if I got a problem with somebody, I'm going to f*cking tell you to your face. But no matter how much respect I have for her as a performer, I could never wrap my head around the fact that she wouldn't look me in the eye and tell me that I was reductive or whatever. I saw it on f*cking TV. Telling me that you think I'm a piece of sh*t through the media is like a guy passing me a note through his friend: 'my buddy thinks you're hot.'"

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She's Not Afraid To Promote Herself At Walmart

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In one of the lighter moments in the documentary, Gaga makes sure the people of Walmart are able to easily locate Joanne on the day of its release. While haters may scoff and say such tactics are desperate, especially for an artist of Lady Gaga's stature, others find it refreshingly relatable. We see Gaga strategically place copies of Joanne ahead of other CDs in the stand, and accidentally makes one drop on the floor, providing perhaps the biggest laugh-out-loud moment of the doc.

The scene also provides for a hilarious moment where Gaga asks an employee for "the new Lady Gaga album," and the employee clearly does not recognize her. She asks for the manager and when her identity is finally revealed to them, they all have a big laugh about it.