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Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Lady Gaga

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When you think of Lady Gaga, what pops in your head? A person wearing a dress made of meat on a red carpet? Maybe a beautiful young woman singing a duet with the incomparable Tony Bennett? Maybe you even imagine her as a sexed up vampire queen from American Horror Story? She certainly is an enigma, but true originals usually are.

Lady Gaga is a self-made pop superstar who’s created a larger-than-life personality and thrives on the theatrical. But then again, that's just who she is on stage. The real Lady Gaga - neé Stefani Germanotta - is a classical pianist, a My Little Pony enthusiast, a former drug addict, and so much more. After scouring every Lady Gaga bio there is, here are the best stories, quotes, and trivia to paint a picture of the real Gaga. 

Are you ready, Little Monsters? Forget the Lady Gaga wiki page - here’s everything you need to know about Lady Gaga's history, legacy, and life.

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    She Taught Herself To Play Piano At Age Four

    The family piano got a lot of use when Lady Gaga was growing up. She taught herself how to play - by ear! - at just age four. Later on, she enrolled in formal lessons to learn how to read and notate music.

    Meanwhile, most four-year-olds are still mastering the challenging task of zippering their own coat and plucking a crudely made "guitar" made out of a tissue box and a series of rubber bands.
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    She Was On The MTV Reality Show 'Boiling Points'

    Boiling Points was a reality show that put people in awkward situations to test their tempers' "boiling point." Suffice it say, Lady Gaga didn't do that well. When a waitress served her a meal covered in trash, Gaga couldn't help but blow up.

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    Classical Music Inspires Her To Write Poetry

    Lady G has said, "I love Mendelssohn's Songs Without Words. This was the first time I realized classical music is the genesis of pop - the chord changes, the time signatures - it just had no lyrics yet. This inspired me to write poetry in line with these pieces." Deep, Gaga. 
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    Gaga Was A Prude As A Teenager

    She may be all about expressing her sexuality these days, but Gaga was a self-described "prude" as a teenager. She has said she was a late bloomer - she lost her virginity when she was 17, to an older man.

    Now she encourages her fans to wait until they are 100% ready to have sex.
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