True Stories 5 Lady Necrophiliacs Who Prove Women Can Do It, Too  

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Necrophilia in its simplest form (yes, it gets more complex from here) is a sexual attraction to corpses. Now there are many different classifications of necrophiliacs, believe it or not. Some necrophiliacs only need to touch or caress a dead body, while fetishistic necrophiliacs take body parts like a finger or genitals to use for sexual purposes later, without fully engaging with the corpse as a whole. Romantic necrophiliacs are bereaved individuals who can’t part with their dead lover’s corpse. Necrophilic fantasizers or role-players get aroused by the thought of sex with the dead but would never actually do it, they simply pretend with living partners. And apparently, “opportunistic necrophiliacs” are a real thing. These are people who don’t have a true interest in necrophilia, but decide to randomly take advantage of the opportunity when it arises.

Now, 90% of necrophiliacs are men (as far as we know) so this means female necrophiles are a rare breed. But they do exist, and this list tells their stories.

Alisa Massaro Murdered Two Men So She Could Have a Threesome on Top of Their Bodies

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Photo: Will County, Illinois

On January 10, 2013, in Joliet, Illinois, 18-year-old Alisa Massaro planned to act on a morbid sexual fantasy with the help of her boyfriend Joshua Miner, 24, and their friends Bethany McKee, 18, and Adam Landerman, 19. The foursome lured 22-year-olds Eric Glover and Terence Rankins over, strangled them, robbed them, and then carelessly piled their bodies in a room in Massaro’s home. Landerman allegedly jumped up on the corpses in a ‘surfing motion’ which caused the bowels to empty out onto the floor.

Once McKee left the house, Adam Landerman and Joshua Miner decided to help Alisa act out her long-time necrophilic fantasy. They climbed onto the dead bodies and had a ménage à trois on top of them (though apparently it wasn't very satisfying). The victims were missing for days before the police found them at Massaro’s house.

Miner, Landerman, and McKee were all found guilty of the double murders and were sentenced to life in prison. Massaro took a plea deal to lesser charges for concealing the homicide, and since she didn’t commit the murders and agreed to testify against her friends, she was given a 10-year prison sentence with the possibility of release after five years for good behavior.

Mexican Hitwoman La Peque Pleasured Herself with Dead Bodies and Severed Heads

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A hitwoman for the Zetas, one of the most dangerous cartels in Mexico, Juana (last name unknown) is currently awaiting sentencing in a Baja California jail cell. Juana, also known as “La Peque,” has not only admitted to murder but also to drinking human blood and to having sex with dead bodies. She claims to have also used severed heads to pleasure herself.

She claims to have begun working as a lookout for the cartel at the age of 15 and over the years she became accustomed to violence and eventual sexually aroused by the sight of gore. Now she says the sight of blood alone is enough to turn her on, stating she enjoyed “rubbing myself in it and bathing in it after killing a victim and I even drank it when it was still warm.”

Karen Greenlee Stole a Body En Route to the Funeral

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Karen Greenlee was a 22-year-old embalming apprentice with an intense love for the dead. While working for the Memorial Lawn Mortuary in Sacramento, California, in 1979, she was asked to transport the body of a 33-year-old man to a funeral. She decided a two-day rendezvous with the body was a much better idea. She drove off in a company hearse with the body and was found two days later in the man’s casket with a five-page suicide letter containing her confessions to having had sex with somewhere between 20 and 40 dead men. She had attempted to overdose on codeine but the police got to Greenlee in time and saved her life.

Apparently, it wasn’t actually illegal to have sex with dead bodies in California at the time (it is now, though), so she was only convicted of stealing the hearse. She spent eleven days in jail, paid a $255 fine, and was later sued by her victim’s mother for $117,000 for emotional distress.

Greenlee gave an in-depth interview to author Jim Morton for his book Apocalypse Culture. In it, she explains when she discovered her attraction for the dead, what stimulates her, and how necrophilia is far more prevalent in the funeral industry than people imagine.

Louise Vermilyea Was a Death-Obsessed Serial Poisoner

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Photo: Public Domain/via Crime Feed

Louis Vermilyea slaughtered 10 people in her lifetime and most of her victims were relatives, including two of her husbands and three of her children. Her contemporaries pitied her and thought it was a strange tragedy that her lovers and children kept dying around her, almost as though she was cursed.

Nope, not a curse. The horrific truth of the matter was she was poisoning people for insurance money and would then allegedly keep the bodies around to sexually satisfy herself. Though no necrophiliac activities were definitively proved, she had an obsession with morgues, corpses, and the local undertaker.

When this murderess (and possible incestuous necrophiliac) was finally busted on October 31, 1911 (appropriate timing), she tried to commit suicide with a large dose from her arsenic stash but failed, paralyzing herself instead.

Vermilyea never showed any signs of remorse for her actions and denied all charges, but the jury took pity on her because of her mental and physical state and set her free.