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Laffy Taffy Jokes

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One of the younger generation's favorite childhood memories was going down to the candy shop and buying handfuls of Laffy Taffy. As much as we liked the sugary goodness contained in the wrapper, the most memorable part about opening a new piece of the Wonka goodness was learning a new cheesy joke to entertain friends. As silly as it sounds, Laffy Taffy may have had a giant impact on your childhood and sense of humor!

Out of all the candies that featured jokes or little stories (Bazooka Joe, Carambar, etc.) Laffy Taffy trafficked in the funniest jokes and most quality treats. I dare anyone to find a joke based candy that could even hold a candle to Laffy Taffy. Whatever the reason, I think you’ll like these laugh out loud Laffy Taffy jokes as much as I do, and you might even develop a bit of a sweet tooth after reading through them. Your funny bone will hurt, and your dentist will thank you for it.

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    Why Was The Cat Afraid Of The Tree?

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    Because of it's bark!
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    How Do You Get A Baby Alien To Sleep?

    Photo: green.thumbs / Flickr
    You rocket.
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    Why Do Hamburgers Fly South For The Winter?

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    So they don't freeze their buns!
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    Why Is A Bad Joke Like A Bad Pencil?

    Because it has no point.
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