Weird History The Tragic True Story Of A Stray Dog Sent To Outer Space On A Suicide Mission  

Mick Jacobs

While she remains one of the space race's first major accomplishments, Laika the space dog lived a tumultuous life up to and after that point. She also never likely understood the nature of the experiments scientists planned for her. 

Had she known scientists wanted to send her past the big blue sky into the vacuum of space, Laika would likely have barked in opposition. What use does a dog have for space anyway?

Yet the Soviets launched her into space. The whole time spent there she remained stuffed in a tiny pod that would induce claustrophobia in any human. It doesn't particularly matter that for her, Laika's trip ended before she made it to orbit, because this marked a big moment in the space race between the Soviet Union and America.

Luckily for Laika, she forever holds the title of the first animal to make it into outer space. Now whenever you hear about ideas for space colonization, know that Laika made this possible.