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The Lamest Things You Probably Had In Your Dorm Room

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College is often when you start figuring things out about yourself and start to learn who you are. The first four years you’re away from home is the best time to experiment with what makes you you. Are you an artsy kind of person? Or do you LOVE reggae? College is when you find out. But no matter what you find yourself doing, or how much you may think you stick out from the normal crowd, you are still going to do a few completely douchey and cliche things. If you’ve already been to college. you know exactly what this means: the lame posters, the tapestries, the white boards. You guessed it, this list ranks the douchiest dorm room decor.

Whether you were a math major or studying physical education, there was one common factor in your on campus life: You had some incredibly lame stuff in your dorm room. But it’s okay! Everyone is allowed to be kind of a douche when they’re in college. So scroll through this list of douchey dorm room essentials and remember the good old days.

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  • 1. Mini-Fridge

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  • 2. Dry Erase Board

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  • 3. Year-Round Christmas Lights

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  • 4. To-Go Plasticware In All The Drawers

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