13 Lame Avengers Who Totally Shouldn't Count

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Look at the cover of nearly any Avengers comic and you'll see their smarmy tagline: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Over the decades, there have been more than 200 superheroes who have counted themselves among their ranks. Some have been less than mighty. Some have been less than heroic. And it's time we recognized that, hey, some Avengers just don't stack up against the rest. But don't cry for these guys: the worst members of the Avengers still have superpowers, after all.

Now that they are the basis for one of the most successful movies of all time, the Avengers have a higher profile than ever before. To be counted as a member of their team is an honor. So which Avengers are less than deserving of that honor? These are the Avengers members who suck. Vote up the lamest Avengers who really shouldn't count.

  • Eros of Titan, older brother of Thanos (the biggest bad in the Marvel universe) has a very uncomfortable superpower. He can induce feelings of euphoria in anyone within his vicinity. Basically, he's a walking roofie. If this alone wasn't grounds to disqualify Starfox, he uses his powers in the disgusting way you'd expect. He was sued by victims of his power, and even She-Hulk couldn't see the trial through to its end. Hardly behavior you'd expect from one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

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  • Anthony Druid studied under the same teacher as Marvel's suavest sorcerer, Doctor Strange, and has basically always played second fiddle to him. The Ancient One taught Doctor Druid how to channel the mystic forces of his Celtic ancestors. His most notable achievement as an Avenger was being manipulated by Terminatrix into attacking his own team. He was later one of the most forgettable members of one of the most forgettable super-teams, the Secret Defenders. He's not even cool enough to actually be named Doctor Druid! He had his name legally changed from Anthony Ludgate.

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  • These two extraterrestrials joined and left the team together, so it's best to count them together. Appearing as the first villains in Jonathan Hickman's epic Avengers saga, Ex Nihilo and Abyss joined the team during Infinity. After that, they were just sort of around, having crazy epic powers but never getting the opportunity to use them. Each of them has some sort of cosmic outer space destiny, and everyone would probably be a lot happier if they were out in space achieving it instead of protecting the Earth.

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  • It's difficult to admit D-Man doesn't deserve to be an Avenger, but it's best to face reality. Dennis Dunphy, sometimes called Demolition Man, was a wrestler given superhuman strength. He befriended Captain America and created a rather uninspiring costume for himself, a combination of Wolverine's and Daredevil's. When Cap reformed the Avengers, he gave D-Man a call, though one can't shake the feeling it was mostly out of sympathy. D-Man was quickly forgotten and lived a sad life as a homeless person before resorting to villainy. Dennis is a nice guy, and hopefully he gets help, but he's just not Avengers material.

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  • When Captain America renounced the American government and became Nomad, he was replaced by John Walker. Eventually, when Steve Rogers took up the shield as Cap once again, Walker became U.S. Agent. Walker has the powers of Captain America, but not the attitude. You know how one of the great things about Captain American is that he questions the nationalistic persona he's given and ultimately moves past it? U.S. Agent is Cap to the jingoistic extreme. He's reactionary, reckless, and he lacks the composure to be a superhero. He just wants to make America great again, but his black-and-white view of the world doesn't leave much room for nuance.

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  • Walter Newell is a great guy, but there's nothing he can do that other Avengers cannot. Newell is a brilliant scientist (like half of the other Avengers) who designed a suit of armor that allows him to travel far beneath the sea. Now, you could argue that he's better equipped for an undersea adventure than Iron Man (though Tony Stark also has a version of his suit for deep sea diving), but how often does this come up? Stingray can start his own super-team with Namor and his Atlantean pals. On dry land, there are mightier superheroes to call.

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