13 Lame Avengers Who Totally Shouldn't Count

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Look at the cover of nearly any Avengers comic and you'll see their smarmy tagline: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Over the decades, there have been more than 200 superheroes who have counted themselves among their ranks. Some have been less than mighty. Some have been less than heroic. And it's time we recognized that, hey, some Avengers just don't stack up against the rest. But don't cry for these guys: the worst members of the Avengers still have superpowers, after all.

Now that they are the basis for one of the most successful movies of all time, the Avengers have a higher profile than ever before. To be counted as a member of their team is an honor. So which Avengers are less than deserving of that honor? These are the Avengers members who suck. Vote up the lamest Avengers who really shouldn't count.