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The All Time Lamest Spider-Man Villains

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Spider-Man has one of the most expansive and diverse rogues galleries in all of comic lore. You've got alien symbiotes (Venom, Carnage, Toxin), robots (Spider-Slayers), animal themed foes (The Lizard, Scorpion, Rhino), organized crime lords (Hammerhead, Silvermane, Kingpin) goblins (Green Goblin(s), Hobgoblin(s), Demogoblin), and much more.

And then, there are the other guys. These ridiculous remnants are those villains that are just so impossibly stupid that they barely trigger a spidey sense at all... just a laugh track.

These are the lamest Spider-Man villains of all time. Vote up the worst Spider-Man enemies the web-slinger has ever faced!