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The All Time Lamest X-Men Villains

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The X-Men have some of the most varied and creative enemies in all of comic lore. But they have also had some terrible villains. These are the worst XMen Villains in the storied Marvel Comics franchise.

You've got your evil societies (The Hellfire Club, Friends of Humanity), your mechanical villains (Sentinels), your alien villains (The Brood, The Kree, Skrulls), humans (William Stryker, Donald Pearce, Bolliver Trask), even fellow mutants (Magneto, Mister Sinister, etc.), and so many more. They have perhaps the biggest array of villains in comics.

And then, there are the other guys. These ridiculous remnants are those villains that are just so impossibly stupid that they're really barely a threat at all. The Danger Room is more dangerous than these losers.

These are the lamest, worst X Men villains of all time. Vote up the worst villains that the children of the atom have ever faced!  If you want to see X-Men characters that are a little bit easier on the eyes, check out the hottest female X-Men characters.