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List of all Lancair airplanes and aircraft types, with images, specs, and other information. These active and retired Lancair planes are listed in alphabetical order, but if you're looking for a particular aircraft you can look for it using the "search" bar. The Lancair aircrafts on this list include all planes, jets, helicopters, and other flying vehicles ever made by Lancair. Unless you're an aviation expert you probably can't think of every aircraft made by Lancair, so use this list to find a few popular Lancair planes and helicopters that have been used a lot in the course of history.

List features aircraft like Lancair IV and Lancair Propjet.

This list answers the question, "What aircrafts are made by Lancair?
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The Lancair 320 is a two-seat single-engined light aircraft marketed in kit form. It is based on the Lancair 235, but with a larger fuselage and more powerful engine, and like the 235, is a low-winged monoplane of composite construction with a retractable tricycle undercarriage, with side-by-side seating in an enclosed cockpit. The Lancair 360 is similar, but with a more powerful engine. In 1990 the ACT Apache 1, based on the Lancair 320 was proposed to be jointly built by Aerotech S.A. of Switzerland and Aviation Composite Technology Inc. in the Philippines for use by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police. ...more on Wikipedia

Manufacturer: Lancair

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Lancair 360

The Lancair 360 is a two-seat aircraft marketed in kit form. It is a low-wing monoplane of conventional configuration with retractable tricycle undercarriage. The Lancair Legacy was chosen to replace the Lancair 360 in 1999. ...more on Wikipedia

Manufacturer: Lancair

The Lancair ES is an American amateur-built aircraft that was designed and produced by Lancair. While it was in production the aircraft was supplied in the form of a kit for amateur construction. Production of the aircraft kit was ended in 2012. ...more on Wikipedia

Manufacturer: Lancair

Length (m): 7.77

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The Lancair Evolution is an American pressurized, low wing, four-place, single engine light aircraft, made from carbon fiber composite, developed by Lancair and available as an amateur-built kit. The Evolution can be powered by a Lycoming TEO-540-A piston engine or a Pratt & Whitney PT6-135A turboprop powerplant. ...more on Wikipedia

Manufacturer: Lancair

Length (m): 9.14

Wingspan (m): 11.29

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