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The Story Of The Time Lance Bass Tried To Go To Space

The early 2000s were ridiculous, and our memories often betray us when it comes to remembering just how insane the beginning of the new millennium really was. It was a time when platform shoes and metallic pleather made sense, when butterfly clips and frosted tips were actually considered cute, and when everyone believed that Lance Bass really could join the Russian Space Program and become a cosmonaut.

We can't lie. We're proud of Lance Bass and his ridiculous foray into space travel. Sometimes it takes people their entire lives to discover their true destiny. The former *NSYNC boy-bander was incredibly lucky when he discovered his passion for space travel at the ripe young age of 23. Now, you're probably thinking, "Wait a minute. Wasn't *NSYNC already a totally massive success by then?" Yes, it was, but our boy wasn't meant to be a singer - he was meant to spearhead a space advocacy program and become a fully certified space traveler.

So, what ended up actually happening? Did Lance Bass ever go to space? In recent years, the boy-bander has become a successful writer and movie producer, but will his dreams of becoming an astronaut ever come true?  If there's one thing that's for certain, this *NSYNC dreamboat, LGBTQ advocate, and aspiring cosmonaut isn't going to let anyone keep him tied to the ground.