Land Of Oz Is The Creepy, Once-Abandoned Theme Park That Opens Once A Year For Anyone Who Dares

Apparently somewhere over the rainbow is pretty darn creepy. In the quiet wilderness of Beech Mountain, NC, lies the Land of Oz theme park, a once-abandoned amusement park centered around The Wizard of Oz. Inside the walls of this theme park, the yellow brick road faded to a jaundiced hue, and nature began reclaiming the Emerald City. Any hint of magic faded away, and its decaying interior made it seem more like the Wicked Witch's latest real estate acquisition than a mystical world that exists inside the mind of a teenager from rural Kansas. In short, it was just flat-out creepy.

Land of Oz may have been one of the creepiest theme parks in the world, and once you entered, you couldn't escape by simply clicking your ruby slippers together. The sordid history of the park creates an unsettling air of mystery around it, even now that it's been partially restored. What was once a happy place that saw thousands of visitors was tainted by death and possibly arson. It may take lion-sized courage to enter the park's front gates, but every year, thousands gather to explore the attractions.

These eerie Land of Oz facts will have you saying, "There's no place like home." Are you brave enough to venture inside?