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Land Speed Record Motorcycle Makes: Listed below are the top makes of motorcycle land speed records. These bikes created land speed records by achieving the fastest speed on a motorcycle from 1903-2009. The motorcycle land speed record is the fastest speed achieved by a motorcycle on land. It is standardized as the speed over a course of fixed length, averaged over two runs in opposite directions. The speed achieved by these world land speed record motorcycles is seen in the discussion column.

BMW is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Land Speed Record Motorcycles
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137.58 mph in 1930
151.77 mph in 1932
152.81 mph in 1934
159.01 mph in 1935
168.92 mph in 1936
173.68 mph in 1937

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Brough Superior-JAP

118.98 mph in 1924
169.68 mph in 1937

BUB - Lucky 7 streamliner

350.884 mph in 2006
367.382 mph in 2009