15 Landlords Share Their Nightmare Tenant Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Landlords: vote up the worst tenants you would break the lease agreement for.

For every annoying landlord, there is an equally annoying tenant somewhere in the world to compensate for it. At least according to these landlords. They are sharing their nightmare tenant stories in hopes that fewer renters act like them in the future. So, if you're wondering what not to do as a tenant, this list could serve as a good guide.

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    They Moved In, Broke Every Policy, Got Evicted, And Then Broke In To Squat

    From Redditor u/fazzoo42:

    Used to work in lettings. We had a young couple move into a house. They were young and were using benefits to pay their rent, but the landlord wanted to give them a chance.
    2 months later we got a call from a locksmith contracted by the police. The police had raided the house the night before because the young man was dealing hard substances. They had literally smashed the front door frame out of the wall and the locksmith had been called in to make good.

    We called the girl. The young man was in police custody and she couldn't afford the rent and wanted out of both the tenancy and the relationship. We made a house visit to check the state of the door. It was pretty bad. They had a dog (in a house with a no pets policy) and it had been shut in a bedroom a lot of time. Feces and chew marks/scratch marks everywhere. And they had smoked (no smoking policy) and the house stunk of stale cigarettes. The landlord agreed to let them out of the tenancy and get the house back on the market. It cost thousands to put the house right. New front door, redecorate all new carpets. It was just about ready to advertise when we had a call from the neighbor. There had been a disturbance the night before and he had to call the police. The young man, upon being released from police custody and unable to get back with his girlfriend, had broken back into the property a couple of days earlier to squat. He had then had a visit from his supplier he owed a lot of money to. He lost a lot of blood on our new cream carpets. Once we'd got MORE new carpets in, and fixed the broken window from where he'd broken in we found a new, reputable tenant. A nice young man who was actually a counselor for people on hard substances. Which turned out to be good because a lot of the local addicts didn't get the memo about their dealer moving... so he had a lot of visitors in the beginning and knew how to deal with them.

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    They Took The Landlord To Court Over A Parking Space

    From Redditor u/hannaners:

    A tenant rented an apartment that does not come with a parking space. An apartment in the building that did come with a parking space came available. He asked if he could have it. I told him it would be $XXX.00 extra per month. He then started posting propaganda all over the property about the injustices that I supposedly committed for not giving him a parking space for free. He tried to get other tenants to sign a petition that would make me give up my parking space on the property. He then took us to court. He lost, but not without just a f*cking nightmare of his little sh*t of a personality and sociopathic tendencies.

    The most annoying aspect of it all was the fact that he was this bullsh*t hippy dude who was all about peace and positive vibes and teaching yoga and sh*t. "Wrong" him though, and he was the most toxic human being you'll ever meet.

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    They Threw A "Getting Evicted Party" That Ended In Disaster 

    From Redditor u/Willisshortforbill:

    The first day I moved into my apartment last year, my landlord told me about being the worst kid to ever live there.

    He told us that there was this kid subletting an apartment over the summer for his rather shy sister. No problems, the sister was normal and he came with good recommendations. However, on the first night there, he threw a rager of a party. Loud music, too many people, didn't end until the police needed to be called for noise violations.

    The next morning, my landlord comes up and tells him that get-togethers are fine, but parties of that scale are not allowed. It was in the lease he signed, and he was willing to give the kid a second chance.

    Bad decision. Worse party this time, with property damage to boot. The landlord stormed up there and told him to have his sh*t out of the apartment by tomorrow at noon.

    The kid was p*ssed off and decided to throw a "getting evicted party" and got about 5 of his friends in there to trash the place and break everything they could find. They punched holes in the walls, broke lights, and smashed the windows. It all came to a grinding halt when the kid decides to headbutt a hole in the wall and hit a supporting metal beam and broke his neck.

    The kid got charged with absolutely everything, the girls who lived there previously were politely told to not return the next year and the kid missed his freshman year of university and $10,000 dollars worth of scholarships because he couldn't leave the hospital or move independently.

    My landlord pretty well told me that as long as I don't do anything that stupid, we will probably get along.

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    They Complained About Bugs Nobody Else Saw

    From Redditor u/mcfeegan:

    My husband manages a 4-plex, and the new single girl in the downstairs apartment asks him to hang her TV off the wall. He figures why not. Two weeks later he gets an email...she wants him to put together a kitchen cart she got at IKEA. I laugh and tell him he'd better shut her down before she has him coming over to open peanut butter jars. He tells her no and life goes on, only a month later she complains about an "infestation" of spiders (pest guy came out and saw one spider), then shortly after he gets a message about BED BUGS, and she's blaming us even though there's never been a problem. The pest guy comes out again, looks at the building and her bed. Nary a bed bug in sight.

    She got a boyfriend, and things quieted down after that. I suppose he's taking care of her imaginary bugs now, and assembling her wooden furniture with care.

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    They Refused To Pay Rent And Complained About Everything

    From Redditor u/Captain-Poop:

    We had one tenant who wouldn't pay rent. We followed the protocols to evict him but he kept getting the judge to agree to an extension. He ended up staying rent-free for 7 months. He also complained about anything and everything. "The neighbors are too loud" "Someone's car alarm went off across the street", "one of the neighbors has a cat and I'm allergic". There is literally nothing I can do to remedy those situations.

    When he finally got evicted he left the apartment in shambles. Holes in the walls, curtains stained with what I can only assume was doo doo, and the rug was littered with cigarette burns.

    I wouldn't wish someone like that on my worst enemy.

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    They Stole Every Single Interior Door

    From Redditor u/BoboMcGraw:

    My uncle had a nightmare family staying in a flat he owned. He had to kick them out because they caused nothing but trouble. Their son was preparing for exams so they asked if he could stay until they were finished and my uncle said yes. Eventually, he left and my uncle went to see what damage was done to the flat. He found it immaculate, everything was clean and tidy, yet something seemed off. He went from room to room but could not find so much as a stain. Satisfied with the condition the flat had been left in,  he exited a room and went to close the door. That's when he realized what was wrong. There were no doors, anywhere. They had stolen every single interior door.

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