32 Photos of Fantasy Landscapes That Really Exist

Unlike other genres that require little more than your average everyday hillside to establish an environment, great fantasy stories create fantastical settings with stunning, otherworldly features.

Who can imagine Lord of the Rings without the lush greenery of the Shire or the desolate wastelands of Mordor? How big of a bummer would it have been if Harry Potter and his pals had played out their story in a normal boarding school instead of the magical halls of Hogwarts? While we can’t offer you a one-way ticket to Middle-earth, we can tell you where to find the next best thing.

Looking at this collection of landscape photography from around the world, you won’t believe how many incredible natural rock formations and stunning mountain ranges you can visit without even leaving your own dimension! Whether you're a lover of adventure or a fan of fairy tales, you'll find something to admire in these landscape photos featuring the world’s creepiest caves and foggiest forests, along with stunning castles and waterfalls so beautiful you’ll swear they're enchanted.

So vote up these cool real places that look the most like they belong in a fantasy movie below!

Photo: THONGCHAI.S / Shutterstock.com