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'Last Action Hero' Is A Bizarre Fever Dream That's Way Smarter Than You Remember

The fever-dream moments from Last Action Hero drive you to either love the movie or hate it. To understand why this film is better than you think, you must first embrace it as an extremely ludicrous and self-aware satire. Plenty of the most brilliant satirical movies polarize audiences because fans take them too seriously. Occasionally, satires even far exceed the works they poke fun at, making for an even better movie experience. While this may not be the case for Last Action Hero, you still have to appreciate it for its over-the-top action, bizarre characters, and meta plotline.

The film follows young Danny Madigan as he enters the fictional world of his favorite action hero, Jack Slater, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Danny's infiltration of the already bizarre world of Slater ends up resulting in real-world chaos. Even the hilariously high number of cameos in Last Action Hero feeds into its excessiveness. Taking this into account, Last Action Hero's most bizarre scenes could be considered some of cinema's greatest feats - and might speak to its overall brilliance.