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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown  

Jacob Shelton
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The Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer is here and there’s a lot to unpack in less than two minutes. Not only does the trailer remind us of all the familiar faces returning to the screen, it also contains a few clues of where the film will be taking Rey, Poe, and Finn, while drawing on references from the Expanded Universe (or Legends, since it's Disney's world and we all just live in it).

If you’ve watched the Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser trailer, then you know that it’s full of blink-and-you’ll-miss-them references to the world of Star Wars outside of the main films, and some of them are pretty obscure. So if you’re curious about what that cool logo was, or why Luke is standing in a cave, then you’ll want to keep reading.

Doesn’t it feel like it’s been a million years since The Force Awakens was in theaters giving everyone those sweet, sweet nostalgia waves? If you were like every other Star Wars fan, you spent your downtime reading up on the Legends, taking in the Clone Wars, and doing your best to sleuth around and figure out in which direction the second film in the new trilogy would go. While Disney put the kibosh on the Legends as canon, that doesn’t mean that you can't infer clues from the references to the EU in the trailer for The Last Jedi

Luke Might Be The Bad Guy
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This reference to Legends is kind of far fetched, but it could offer some insight into the direction of the Star Wars franchise from here on out. When Rey is doing the whole "light, dark" voiceover, there's a shot of a set of books and some whispering playing over them. Put on your headphones and play that part again, it sounds like someone says "betrayal."

In the 2006 novel Betrayal, Jacen Solo (Han and Leia's son) is brought to a large cave on an asteroid where a Sith Lord was living. Rather than try to conquer the galaxy, the Sith believed in peace, knowledge, and the necessity for both light and dark in the galaxy. That's... exactly what Luke is doing, right? He lives in a cave, he meditates all day, and he has a beard (which is sci-fi short hand for bad guy), so has he embraced his inner Sith? Or has this turned into Star Wars Conspiracy Hour?

Was That The Sith Temple On Malachor?
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There's a shot in the trailer that looks like it's an extended shot of Rey's vision from The Force Awakens. You know, the one where she sees Luke watching his Jedi Temple burning. It could, however, also be the Malachor Sith Temple, a location which features a death machine at its center powered by a kyber crystal.

Most of what's known about the temple comes from Star Wars Rebels, and while it seems like a stretch that the location would be featured in The Last Jedi, the characters in Rogue One couldn't shut up about kyber crystals. Maybe the audience is going to get a big screen super weapon battle in this movie after all, just to change things up a little.  

Is Poe Dameron Going To Command Some Kind Of Rogue Squadron?
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How a Poe Dameron film trilogy hasn't been green lit already is mind-boggling. He's easily the breakout character of the series, and Oscar Isaac is the best. That being said, it's possible that his role in the film is going to greatly increase, as it seems like the movie is gearing up for a big space battle.

The trailer shows a lot of Poe running from place to place with BB-8 while explosions shoot off behind him. Is he on a rebel base? Or has he put together his own crack squadron of elite pilots who crave adventure, al a X-Wing: Wraith Squadron? That would be deeply amazing. 

The Last Jedi?
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The title The Last Jedi is such an obvious misdirect that it might as well be called The Last Jedi: And By Last Jedi We Mean The Last Jedi Played By Mark Hamil Or Any Actors That You're Familiar With, Of Course There Will Be More Jedis.

Aside from serving as a transparent red herring, the title is also a reference to Heir to the Empire where the ghost of Obi-Wan says, "... [you're] not the last of the old Jedi, Luke. The first of the new." If that's where the title came from, then it's a not so subtle way of saying that Rey is the beginning of a new generation of Jedi. We'll have to wait and see how this generation differs from the older Jedi, however. Maybe they all live in lofts or drive electric cars or something.