17 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed In 'The Last of Us Part II'

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No one can deny The Last of Us Part 2 is a massive game, both in terms of scale and in terms of the detail put into it. When a developer spends that much time, effort, and hard work bringing a game to life, it's only natural for them to slip in a few references to the titles they love or, in the case of this game being a sequel, references to character details and narrative beats from the first game.

Not only do the Easter eggs in Part 2 give fun nods to various media, but some of them give insight to the characters we know and love, and we wouldn't expect anything less from such a story-oriented studio like Naughty Dog. The list compiles some of the best Easter eggs from The Last of Us Part 2 that you may have missed throughout your adventure.

From vintage gaming systems to discreet Uncharted references and more, vote up all the little details you found most interesting.

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    Nathan Drake Halloween Costume

    Nathan Drake Halloween Costume
    Photo: Naughty Dog

    As charming and debonair as he is, who wouldn't want to be Nathan Drake of the Uncharted series for a day? You may not be able to in this particular title, but you can dream with this hidden Halloween costume giving a nod to the beloved action hero. In the latter part of Ellie and Dina's first day in Seattle, they come across a Halloween store that harkens back to the sequence in a similar store in DLC for The Last of Us' first installment, Left Behind.

    If players look closely, they can see the costume for Nate hanging on one of the racks. This one is easy to miss, but it's another fun reminder that Uncharted actually exists in the world of The Last of Us

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    Pearl Jam Poster

    Considering some of the posters and album covers in the game seem to feature fictional bands and artists, it's a bit surprising to see a Pearl Jam poster. However, you can see just that in the upper floor of the music shop in downtown Seattle during Ellie's first day.

    It may seem like a random choice at first, but some players might not know that the song Joel sings Ellie on the guitar at the very start of the game is in fact not an original, but a 2013 song by Seattle-based rock band Pearl Jam called "Future Days." It's an incredibly poignant song that fits Joel and Ellie's relationship quite well, hence why it made its way into the game.

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    Pallet in the Water

    Pallet in the Water
    Photo: Naughty Dog

    The running joke of the original Last of Us is that Ellie didn't know how to swim, which created some tedious traversal puzzles that frustrates some players. Naturally, Joel finally taught Ellie to swim between the events of parts I and II, and when Ellie comes across a pallet by the side of the water, she can't help but make a comment about Joel using it to push her across.

    You can find this Easter Egg after jumping into the water from the top level of the museum and then swimming to the right. Rather than trying to make us forget about one of the less desirable aspects of the first game, it's fun to see Naughty Dog embracing it head on.

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    'Hotline Miami' Playing On A Vita

    Now famous (or notorious, depending on who you ask) after being featured in a gameplay demo shown during the State of Play in May, one of the characters in the game can be seen playing the 2012 top-down shooter Hotline Miami on a PlayStation Vita. 

    In Ellie's section, you'll encounter her about halfway through the second day as you arrive to the hospital. In Abby's section, you'll find her (who is then revealed to be named Whitney) playing in one of the tents at the Forward Base during the first day. Not only is it a fun nod to a well-loved game, but Hotline Miami also feels strangely relevant to Part II considering the violence they both depict.

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    Precursor Orb from Jak and Daxter

    Another iconic franchise in Naughty Dog's history is the action platformer Jak and Daxter, so the pair get a fun hidden secrets as well. During the player's first day as Abby, they'll find themselves exploring a part of Seattle's Chinatown. On a low shelf in a room above a China shop, players can pick up a small, mysterious orb with strange markings on it.

    Turns out, it's actually a Precursor Orb from Jak and Daxter, which is used as a means of currency in the game. This is another Easter Egg that grants you an achievement, so it's one you don't want to miss on your playthrough.

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    Gustavo's Cameo

    Gustavo Santaolalla is the incredibly talented composer who created the music for both Last of Us games, and his works have been a huge part of creating the series' unique feel and tone. To pay homage to his contributions, Naughty Dog actually included a cameo of him in one of the game's earliest levels.

    When walking through downtown Jackson on the morning of Ellie's patrol, the player can find him across the main intersection, sitting on a porch in a rocking chair and strumming a banjo. The likeness is uncanny, and it's a great way to show some love to someone who had such a large part in making the series what it is today.

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