A Fungus Among Us: Twitter Reacts To The First Episode Of HBO's Adaptation Of 'The Last of Us'



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After years of waiting, the premiere episode of HBO's adaptation of the blockbuster video game The Last of Us finally hit our screens. Video game adaptations have a pretty dismal track record (looking at you, Netflix's Resident Evil), but fans of horror and gaming alike seem pretty happy with the premiere. 

Here's what people on Twitter had to say - be sure to give these folks a follow and vote up your favorites.

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    80 VOTES

    Almost Perfect

    80 votes
  • 2
    141 VOTES

    Not Like The Game At All

    141 votes
  • 3
    68 VOTES

    No Pressure

    68 votes
  • 4
    99 VOTES

    You Win Some, You Lose Some

    99 votes
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    93 VOTES

    Chilled Yet?

    93 votes
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    169 VOTES

    Knowing Is Half The Battle

    169 votes