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The Scariest Moments In 'The Last Of Us Part II', Ranked By How Terrified We Were

June 23, 2020 317 votes 43 voters13 items

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This list contains spoilers, so read on at your own risk.

Now that The Last of Us Part 2 is finally out after a long seven-year wait, fans who are making their way through the game are constantly being reminded that it is, in fact, a survival horror game. Whether it's a quick jump scare or entire levels full of tense, atmospheric gameplay, the 25- to 30-hour runtime is consistently full of terrifying moments throughout. There are plenty of scary moments that take place in The Last of Us Part 2, but this list ranks all the ones that had us jumping off the couch, screeching in terror, or basically just screaming, "Oh, hell no!"

While the game's storyline is detailed, intricate, and incredibly dark, it's those macabre additions like the new infected types that really help add some variety and provide a whole host of fresh new spooks, and even some of the human enemy types have an eerie quality to them that will make your skin crawl. Whether you're looking back retroactively or peeking ahead to see what sort of mutated monstrosities lie in store, check out all The Last of Us Part 2's scariest parts and vote up all the terrifying moments that left you feeling spooked.

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    The Rat King Fight - Seattle Day 2 (Abby)

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    The entire hospital level, occuring roughly three quarters of the way through the game during the second day playing as Abby, is pretty terrifying in its own right, with its dark, cramped hallways full of spores, fungal overgrowth, and corpses. However, the pièce de résistance of The Last of Us Part II's spook factor is far and away the boss fight with the enemy known as the Rat King.

    Seattle's wet climate has already proven to produce new types of infected, such as the exploding Shambler, but the hospital's basement, which served as ground zero for the entire city's outbreak, is the breeding ground of an even scarier monstrosity.

    The Rat King appears to be multiple different infected fused together into one giant, absolutely horrifying creature, and even has a more advanced version of a Stalker peel off of it halfway through the fight. This is one level we hope we only have to play once.

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    Introduction to the Stalkers - Seattle Day 2 (Ellie)

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    The Stalkers only had a brief presence in Part I, but players will get up close and personal with this enemy type in the sequel. During Ellie's journey to the hospital in Day 2, she encounters a pack of Stalkers eating a dead body in an office building, and then has to fight her way out.

    This is the very first time players encounter them in this game, and have to face the horrifying realization that they can't see the Stalkers via the Listen Mode mechanic because of how quiet they are. Any comfort you may have taken in at the very least being able to see where enemies are is suddenly gone, and you now have to live with the realization that these terrifying, animalistic infected could pop out at you unexpectedly at any moment.

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    Descent Through the Infected Building - Seattle Day 2 (Abby)

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    Right before the player makes their way to the hospital as Abby, they have to descend through the wrecked remains of a hotel, which is of course also full of infected. While this makes the atmosphere tense enough as it is, this level also introduces the trap infected, which break out of the wall when you get too close to them.

    On top of the fact that there's a jump scare every single time it happens, it keeps you on edge the entire time you navigate down through this truly massive environmental set piece. What's more is that this is likely one of the longest-lasting terrifying sequences in the game, so we don't blame you if you have to pause for a break every so often.

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    Introduction to the Shamblers - Day 1 (Ellie)

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    Back in the aforementioned subway tunnels during Day 1, the player is introduced to another new infected type called the Shambler, which is somewhere between a Clicker and a Bloater, having mutated into something entirely new due to Seattle's rainy climate.

    Not only do they seemingly unstoppably barrel toward the player and explode in an acid cloud, but they also make some of the scariest noises of any of the infected in the game, which a wetter, bassier sounding snarl. Luckily you won't encounter them as often as the enemies, but man, something about the Shamblers really makes our skin crawl. 

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