Small But Poignant Details From 'The Last Of Us Part II' That Blew Our Minds

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The Last Of Us Part II is an incredibly polished game, packed with a detailed and fully realized world. There are so many subtle moments and nods that are easy to miss. Thankfully the internet is full of people who love to scour over every detail and share their insights with the rest of us. 

SPOILERS AHEAD so if you haven't finished the game don't say you weren't warned. 

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    Museum Foreshadowing

    From Redditor u/MCopous:

    In this scene, Ellie searches the other Museum building by herself and comes across this display of a Moose being surrounded by a pack of wolves. This to me seems to be foreshadowing Joel's fate with the Salt Lake crew (now WLF or Wolves). The moose symbolizes Joel who is large, intimidating, and dangerous when threatened. Abby and the rest of the former Fireflies have built up Joel to be a formidable callous predator which is why they hunt him with a sizeable group. Wolves hunt in packs for the same reason.

    This is interesting from a narrative structure standpoint because the scene it is foreshadowing has already happened but chronologically it won't happen for another 3 years.

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    The Employee Of The Month

    The Employee Of The Month
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    Ground Control To Major Sobs!

    Ground Control To Major Sobs!
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    She'll Go To Space In Part III

    She'll Go To Space In Part III
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    Abby's Pupils

    From Redditor u/PocketGlove1:

    When you play as Abby, when looking over high ledges her pupil dilate (you can see that in photo mode)

    Whether you like the game or not, ND really cares about the game and these little details are mindblowing