The Best Quotes From 'Last Vegas'

Movie fans everywhere have come together to vote on this list of the best quotes from Last Vegas. This comedy-drama film, released in 2013, follows four lifelong friends as they travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party weekend. As expected, hilarity ensues and memorable one-liners are born.

From Morgan Freeman's wise words to Kevin Kline's comedic relief, these quotes have become iconic among fans of the film. But what makes them so special? Is it their relatability or their ability to make us laugh out loud?

Perhaps it is the underlying message behind each quote that resonates with viewers. Whether it be about friendship, aging gracefully or living life to the fullest - these quotes remind us of what truly matters in life.

So sit back and enjoy reminiscing on some of your favorite moments from Last Vegas with these unforgettable quotes. And don't forget to vote up your favorites on our list.

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    50 Cent

    50 Cent
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    Lonnie: "You know who is supposed to be staying here this weekend? Fitty."
    Sam: "P. Diddy?"
    Lonnie: "No, 50"
    Archie: "Fifty people in here?"
    Lonnie: "50 Cent, 50, Curtis Jackson, he's a rapper."
    Sam: "Oh, oh, oh, yeah, from the Jackson 5."

    Showing how they are clearly not hip with popular music, the guys struggle to understand that rapper 50 Cent had rented out the VIP suite for the weekend.
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    Vodka Red Bulls

    Vodka Red Bulls
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    Archie: "Boy these vodka Red Bulls are strange. I feel like I'm getting drunk and electrocuted at the same time! The music, it's loud! It's like everything sounds alike, like they're playing the same song over and over and over again. I probably should get up and dance but I'm used to having a partner. It doesn't seem to matter to that fella. Maybe I'll give it a shot. Maybe not. I hope they play something different. Maybe now."

    As one might imagine Morgan Freeman drunk would be, Archie has a few too many vodka Red Bulls and hilariously talks about dancing, which he then proceeds to attempt.
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    No, Cold

    No, Cold
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    Archie: "Ezra!"
    Ezra: "You going to get out of bed?"
    Archie: "No, cold… cold"
    Ezra: "Pop, it's uh, it's sweltering in here."
    Archie: "Is it?"
    Ezra: "Listen, maybe I should, uh, stay home today."
    Archie: "No, you don't have to do that."

    Much like a teenager, Archie fakes being sick to throw his son off and allow him to sneak out. The plan works but jumping out the window is another story.
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    I'm Getting Married!

    I'm Getting Married!
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    Billy: "How you feeling, Arch?"
    Archie: "I'm just sitting here watching this Housewives thing. Horrible people, horrible!"
    Sam: "Hey, Arch!"
    Archie: "Hey, Sam!"
    Billy: "Listen, guys, I've got something important here, all right."
    Sam: "Heart or cancer?"
    Archie: "Prostate, what?"
    Billy: "Why every time the phone rings you think someone's dying?"
    Sam: "I live in Florida now. Usually when the phone rings someone is dying."
    Billy: "I'm getting married."
    Sam: "So we're going to have a bachelor party in Vegas."
    Billy: "Are you serious?"
    Archie: "I can't smoke, drink, eat salt or stay out past nine but…"
    Billy: "All right! I love it!"

    Billy calls his old pals Sam and Archie to announce that he's getting married. Sam instantly suggests a bachelor party in Las Vegas, which sounds like fun to Billy, or at least as much fun as old men can have.
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    Do You Guys Have Any Drugs?

    Do You Guys Have Any Drugs?
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    Bachelorette Party Guest: "Do you guys have drugs?"
    Sam: "Does Lipitor count?"

    When a young girl at the club asks Sam for drugs, pretty sure she isn't interested in his cholesterol medication. It doesn't stop Sam from offering them anyway.
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    Marrying An Infant

    Marrying An Infant
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    Diana: "What brings you boys to Vegas?"
    Sam: "Our friend Hazelnut is tying the knot."
    Archie: "Marrying an infant"
    Billy: "She's not an infant… We've got a couple of unresolved issues."

    Sam and Archie give Billy crap for marrying a woman half his age. While they are all there to support Billy, they definitely have some things to work out amongst one another as well.
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