The Last Words Spoken By Late US Presidents

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Determining the last words of any person can be difficult. Misquotes, misinterpretations, and surprise deaths can complicate what qualifies as someone's final words. There's also a lack of documentation - writing down someone's last words may not be on the minds of the individuals at the bedside of an ailing loved one, even if the person is a historical ruler.

That includes some American presidents. The last words of Franklin Pierce, Chester A. Arthur, William Taft, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, and Gerald Ford remain lost to history. Ronald Reagan's final words also remain unknown, although his daughter documented the moments before his passing.

The final words of other US presidents have been documented, although sometimes accounts vary of what they said. The final statements attributed to these men have a poignancy, contribute to their legacies and, above all, remind us of how human they truly were.