Last Words Spoken By Criminals Before Execution

The last words spoken by criminals before execution stand as the final statements from these convicted offenders, having been uttered moments before their deaths. Much like the statements made by famous people in their suicide notes, these are the famous last words before execution that others will remember these souls by for eternity. There are funny, crazy, and of course, sad death row inmates last words. 

Many of these convicted criminals acted similarly in their famous last quotes as they did in life. Some joked around with the press and other bystanders, others proclaimed their innocence for the hundredth time, and certain individuals added standard goodbyes as they told their mothers they loved them. It's hard to debate the funniest last words, since the entire exercise is morbid. However, when it comes to famous last words of executed criminals, those of Aileen Wuornos were certainly memorable. Other death row last words, like those of Thomas J. Grasso, were to complain about their final meal, or their treatment in the prisons. 

Whatever the words used, and whatever the manner of execution, these famous last words spoken by criminals remain as the final memories of these offenders.


  • Torrey Twane McNabb

    Torrey Twane McNabb

    "Mom, sis, look at my eyes. I got no tears. I am unafraid. To the state of Alabama, I hate you... I hate you. I hate you."

    - Executed by lethal injection for the 1997 shooting death of a Montgomery police officer. McNabb's attorneys had attempted to get a stay of execution on the grounds that lethal injection is cruel and unusual.

  • George Appel

    George Appel

    "Well, gentlemen, you are about to see a baked Appel."

    Executed by electric chair in the 1920s after he was involved in an incident in New York City in which a police officer ended up dead.

  • Barbara Graham

    Barbara Graham

    "Good people are always so sure they're right."

    - Executed by gas chamber after she was found guilty of murdering an elderly woman in a botched robbery. 

  • Erskine Childers

    Erskine Childers

    "Take a step forward, lads. It will be easier that way."

    Executed by firing squad after being found guilty of illegally possessing a semi-automatic pistol.

  • "You are going to hurt me, please don't hurt me, just one more moment, I beg you!"

    Guillotined after being convicted of treason by the Revolutionary Tribunal of Paris. She was suspected of financially aiding people who fled the French Revolution.

  • "How about this for a headline for tomorrow's paper? French fries."

    Executed after he was found guilty of murdering a fellow inmate in prison. Allegedly, French was serving a life sentence, and he wanted to die.