Celebrities Last Words Written By Famous People In Their Suicide Notes  

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For one reason or another, these famous people opted to end their lives by committing suicide, and their famous last words were left in these suicide notes. Just as they were notable in life, these celebrities were notable in their deaths, which came as a shock to their adoring fans, family members, and loved ones. These famous suicide notes have become as well known as some of the people they were written by.

Just like the last words spoken by criminals before their executions, these words will be the last thing remembered by these celebrities. Some spoke to their family members, such as grunge rocker Kurt Cobain and Mexican actress Lupe Velez, while others focused more on themselves, such as in the notes left by author Hunter S. Thompson and poet Sara Teasdale. Other suicide notes or famous last words said very little, such as the simple goodbye uttered by poet Hart Crane before he jumped to his (presumed) death.

Which celebrities wrote suicide notes? These famous people left more questions than they did answers when they chose to take their own lives.

"I feel certain that I'm going mad again. I feel we can't go through another of those terrible times. And I shan't recover this time. I begin to hear voices."

Age: Dec. at 59 (1882-1941)

Profession: Novelist, Author, Writer

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"The act of taking my own life is not something I am doing without a lot of thought. I don't believe that people should take their own lives without deep and thoughtful reflection over a considerable period of time. I do believe strongly, however, that the right to do so is one of the most fundamental rights that anyone in a free society should have. For me much of the world makes no sense, but my feelings about what I am doing ring loud and clear to an inner ear and a place where there is no self, only calm. Love always, Wendy."

Age: Dec. at 49 (1949-1998)

Profession: Musician, Actor, Singer

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"The future is just old age and illness and pain.... I must have peace and this is the only way."

Age: Dec. at 68 (1889-1957)

Profession: Theatre Director, Actor, Film Director

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"To Harald, may God forgive you and forgive me too but I prefer to take my life away and our baby's before I bring him with shame or killing him, Lupe."

Age: Dec. at 36 (1908-1944)

Profession: Actor

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