15 Signs That A Relationship Will Actually Last

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People in lasting relationships: vote up the best signs a relationship is actually going to last.

How do you know if someone is really "the one" for you? These Redditors are sharing their long-lasting relationship signs so you can know for sure. According to people in lasting relationships, this is how you know a relationship is going to last.

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    They Think About Their Future Together

    From a former Redditor:

    I'm dating a girl right now, and... it's pretty early on in the whole relationship, but I'm starting to feel lots of "good" feelings, if you will, about her and us. What I mean, is... I'm thinking about very long-term with her. At the end of the day, all that's required it seems is genuine affection for the other person and the willingness to communicate those feelings (and other feelings) with each other.

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    They Don't Drag Out Something Embarrassing Their Partner Does

    From Redditor u/Skyewyze:

    If you do something admittedly stupid or embarrassing, they don't bring it up again. Respect is hard to gain and easy to lose. So someone whose respect doesn't waiver from the slightest thing is someone you can trust.

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    They Have Independent Goals They Work Toward Together

    From Redditor u/pinkripebananas:

    When both of you have your own independent goals and aspirations but have a "teamwork" mentality toward achieving them. There's nothing quite like having your own... personal cheerleader by your side as you tackle life's obstacles.

    Speaking from past experience, if someone wants success only for themself and doesn't push you toward becoming the best you, that person is unlikely to be emotionally invested in the relationship through the hard times.

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    They Share The Same Values

    From Redditor u/be47recon:

    You aren’t fused together. You take equal responsibility in arguments. You have a willingness to be open honest and vulnerable with each other. Less important but still pretty relevant: Similar relationships to your parents. And probably the most important: You share the same values.

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    They Have The Ability To Independently Coexist

    From Redditor u/ACrusaderA:

    Independent coexistence.

    In other words, the ability to do separate things together.

    My parents are going on 20 years next summer and I attribute a lot of it to my dad being able to work on the car or read while my mom is on her computer or cooking, but still enjoy being in the same general vicinity.

    Whereas my brother who has had more failed relationships than I can count always feels he has to do everything WITH his girlfriend.

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    They Can Go On Vacation And Roll With The Punches

    From Redditor u/BlakeCutter:

    Go on vacation together, some place you have to fly and drive. Are they on time and prepared or completely frazzled? How do they act when uncomfortable and tired. When something goes wrong do they get upset and blame you, or roll with the punches and still look to have a good time? A relationship is going to have a ton of these situations; it is a good way to get a reading on someone when they are at their worst.

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