Twitter #ThanksgivingWithHispanics Tweets You'll Instantly Relate To  

Jacob Shelton
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ThanksgivingWithHispanics, as a hashtag, has to be one of the most spot on, hit-the-nail-on-the-head, near-genius Twitter trends because it not only describes Latino Thanksgiving with startling accuracy, but actually describes every single family gathering you've ever been to, if you're Hispanic.

This collection of Tweets and screencaps tells the story of every Latino who celebrates Thanksgiving and proves that no matter where you’re from, dealing with your family on a holiday is THE WORST. Mexican Thanksgiving tweets are full of all the tropes that you’d expect: big families, overbearing grandmothers, and flan. So much flan. But if you think that’s the only thing in these funny Hispanic Thanksgiving tweets then you’ve got another thing coming. While you wait for the flan to come out of the oven (is that how you cook flan?), or just to avoid your cousins for a little while (unless you love your cousins and spending time with your family in general), check out this list of the funniest tweets that perfectly capture every Latino Thanksgiving.

No matter what your country of origin is, if you’ve had Thanksgiving with Hispanics you’ll see that all of these Latino Thanksgiving tweets are VERY real. As hilarious as each of these memes and jokes are, they’re not kidding around about all of the pomp and circumstance that comes with greeting your entire family before you eat, or having to put up with a million of your younger cousins. So take a step back, think about how crazy your family is, and count how many of these you can actually relate to. Vote on the funniest tweets about having Thanksgiving with Latino families, then remember that time your tia cornered you for two hours at your last Thanksgiving.
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