Fishermen Found Lauren Agee In A Tennessee Lake, And Years Later, Her Death Is Still A Mystery

The death of Lauren Agee turned a fun summer weekend into a tragedy when her body was found floating in Tennessee's Center Hill Lake on the morning of July 26, 2015. Agee was attending a local festival, and although she was traveling with friends, they couldn't provide many answers about what might have happened to her. Some even found her friends' behavior suspicious. However, the only court case regarding Agee's death was thrown out in 2017.

Lauren Agee was known as the life of the party and had even appeared in professional music videos. She was also studying criminal science at the time of her death. While her official cause of death was ruled an accident, her family and others close to the case believe Lauren Agee met with foul play.

  • Lauren Agee Was 21 When She Attended WakeFest With Some Friends In 2015

    Lauren Agee Was 21 When She Attended WakeFest With Some Friends In 2015
    Video: YouTube

    On July 24, 2015, 21-year-old Lauren Agee of Hendersonville, TN, went with some friends to Center Hill Lake in Tennessee's DeKalb County for WakeFest, an annual wakeboarding tournament. The group consisted of Agee, her friend Hannah Palmer, Palmer's boyfriend Aaron Lilly, and Lilly's friend Chris Stout. Palmer later said she did not know Stout well, and Agee had never met him before that weekend.

    WakeFest was known for being a weekend of partying and heavy drinking, which would later factor into speculation about Agee's death and the events surrounding it. The group reportedly drank throughout the day on July 25 and went to sleep in the early hours of July 26. Palmer was reportedly the first to realize Agee was missing only hours later.

  • No One Could Find Agee On The Morning Of July 26, But Her Personal Items Were Left Behind.

    When Hannah Palmer woke on the morning of July 26, she went up to the hammock where Agee and Stout had been sleeping but found only Stout there. Palmer later stated that she had to wake Stout to ask him about Agee's whereabouts. According to Palmer, Stout said Agee had gotten up in the middle of the night, but he didn't know how long she'd been gone.

    As Hannah Palmer began to look for her friend, she noticed that Agee's personal items - including flip-flops, her purse, and her phone - had all been left at the campsite. Palmer later stated in an interview that Agee "would not leave without that stuff." It was at this time that Palmer reportedly began to worry that something had happened to Agee.

  • That Afternoon, Fishermen Discovered Agee’s Remains In Center Hill Lake

    Local fisherman Lynn Blair and his son Dylan were sailing their boat on Center Hill Lake around 4:20 pm on July 26 when they noticed something floating in the water. Blair had seen a pair of bright pink shorts and soon realized that the body of a young woman was floating in a cove.

    Blair later said he immediately thought about the then-unidentified woman's family. "All those people’s lives are going to be different from now on," Blair told reporters. He described the moment of finding Agee's body as "terrifying."

  • Investigators Determined Agee Accidentally Fell From A Cliff Due To Her Blood Alcohol Level

    Following the discovery of Agee's body, an official autopsy was conducted to determine her cause of death. Toxicology reports showed that Agee's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. Palmer, Lilly, and Stout all confirmed that they had been intoxicated when they returned to the campsite.

    Ultimately, the coroner's report concluded that Agee's death was like caused by "blunt force trauma and possible drowning." In short, her death was considered a tragic accident.

  • An Off-Duty Police Officer Claimed He Saw Agee And Her Friends Leave A Bar Around 2 am On The 26th

    Chris Yarchuk was an off-duty police officer providing security at WakeFest when Lauren Agee died. Yarchuk contacted Agee's mother, Sherry Smith, and told her, "Mrs. Smith, I don't think this was an accident."

    Yarchuk said he recalled Agee, Palmer, Lilly, and Stout coming to the bar where he was acting as security. Reportedly, security footage even captured Agee at the bar that night. Yarchuk described Agee as "energetic" and "lively."

    According to Yarchuk, the four friends left the bar around 2 am on July 26 and headed down to the docks, where they took a boat to reach their campsite. Yarchuk reported that he contacted Smith because he questioned the police investigation and the coroner's findings.

  • At The Group’s Campsite, Agee Was Supposed To Share A Hammock Hung Near A Steep Drop

    Agee and the other members of her group had chosen a particularly remote campsite that could only be reached by boat. Traveling across the dark waters at 2 am, Agee can be heard in a video saying, "We're going into a deathtrap."

    At the campsite, Palmer and Lilly slept in a tent together, while Agee and Stout shared a hammock further up on the cliff. The hammock hung dangerously close to the cliff's edge, where there was a 35-foot drop into the water on one side and a 90-foot drop on the other.