Fan Theories From Movies About Law And Order That Make Us Want To Investigate

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Of all the genres that fans never seem to get tired of, movies about law and order seem to be high on that list. Whether it's law enforcement officers tracking down bad guys or the lawyers prosecuting the criminals, fans are always invested. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding the best movies about law and order.

Check out these law and order movie fan theories below, and don't forget to vote!

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    Jon Coffey's Magic Will Keep Edgecomb Alive For Thousands Of Years In 'The Green Mile'

    From Redditor u/Aimin4ya:

    I was watching The Green Mile again for the first time in a while. Paul Edgecomb & Mr Jingles (the mouse) were granted unnatural long life from Jon Coffey. If Paul was 44 when Jon died and is 108 at the end of the movie, then he has been alive for 64 years. Mr. Jingles is alive for the duration of the movie. Given the longest possible life expectance for a mouse (about 2 years) and dividing the length of his life (64 years) 64 / 2 = 32 The mouse lived for 32 times his maximum life span. Assuming a max life span for a human is about 100 years. Would that mean with the approximate life span of Paul Edgecomb to be at least 3,200 years?

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    The Cigarettes Gave Hans Gruber Away In 'Die Hard'

    From Redditor u/sonofabutch:

    One of the greatest Christmas movies has a huge plot hole: How does John McClane so quickly figure out that the man on the roof who claims to be Bill Clay is really Hans Gruber?

    This has been answered Doylelistically: the screenwriter explained that, in a deleted scene, all the terrorists are given identical watches and synchronize them. McClane notices the identical watches after killing a few of them and then, in the roof scene, he sees “Bill” is wearing the same watch, and deduces he must be a terrorist, if not Hans himself. And when he hears “Bill” speak on the radio in his normal voice, he recognizes the voice as Hans.

    However, a deleted scene is not considered canon. Therefore, your honor, I demand the “watch answer” be stricken from the record and ignored by the jury!

    So how to Watsonianly explain McClane instantly knowing Bill wasn’t who he claimed to be, despite his American accent and his name on the directory?

    My theory: the cigarette.

    Earlier in the film, McClane takes a pack of cigarettes from a dead terrorist. It’s the same pack that he later shares with “Bill.”

    McClane tells Powell that the terrorists are likely European, based on their clothing labels and... cigarettes.

    The cigarettes are in fact a French brand, Gauloises, which were famously strong and harsh tasting, especially to an American palate.

    Yet “Bill” takes the cigarette and puffs away without even so much as a raised eyebrow.

    This tipped off McClane that this man on the roof was not the timid employee he was claiming to be, and that’s why he then hands him an unloaded gun.

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    Andy Stole The Warden's Shoes To Trick The Bloodhounds In 'Shawshank Redemption'

    From Redditor u/ChairmanGoodchild:

    In 1966, Andrew Dufrense escaped from Shawshank prison. After meticulously planning every detail of his escape for around twenty years, he stole the Warden Norton's shoes the night of his escape. Why risk guards catching him stealing the warden's shoes which would almost certainly set off a chain of events foiling Andy's plans and destroying Andy's life forever?

    When bloodhounds were turned loose on Andrew Dufrense following discovery of his escape, they were given his scent. But Andy was wearing Warden Norton's shoes. These shoes were carrying Norton's scent. This confused bloodhounds and kept them off Andy's scent long enough for Andy to make it into town with Norton's ledger in a waterproof package (along with Norton's suit Andy had also smuggled out, or enough of it to allow Andy to purchase the rest without raising suspicion), and close out Norton's account in town. The rest is history.

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    Atticus Doesn't Shoot In 'To Kill A Mockingbird' Because He Served During World War I

    From Redditor u/RedditAcct39:

    To Kill a Mockingbird takes place between 1933 and 1935, it would make sense that Atticus had served during WW1 and that's why he doesn't shoot or kill anything anymore. The US was involved in WW1 from 1917-1918. Scout describes Atticus Finch as being "nearly 50", that would put him in his mid-late 20s during WW1. The Selective Service Act of 1917 had a registration for the draft for all men between ages 21 and 30, which Atticus would have been. When Atticus had to shoot to kill the rabid dog, he had amazing aim and took out the dog, showing that he had familiarity with a weapon.

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    Hannibal Lecter Encouraged Buffalo Bill To Be A Serial Killer In 'Silence Of The Lambs'

    From Redditor u/needkneadkneed:

    We know that Hannibal Lecter was the psychiatrist of Buffalo Bill, the serial killer that Clarice Starling wants to catch. I think that Hannibal purposely messed with Buffalo Bill's mind and subconsciously turned him into a serial killer. That way, if Lecter ever got caught and sent to prison, the authorities would have no choice but to consult Lecter on the Buffalo Bill case - because he is the one person who knows everything about Buffalo Bill. Lecter saw psychological indications of psychopathy in Buffalo Bill and instead of trying to cure him, he pushed him further towards becoming a serial killer. We know that Lecter is very clever and intelligent based on his meetings with Clarice. He knew that the authorities would need his help catching Buffalo Bill. He knew that would give him leverage to get out of his maximum security cell. He knew exactly how to play his cards and manipulate Clarice enough to send him to a less-fortified cell with meals of his choice, where he ordered lamb chops because he knew they would be perfect for making a lockpick.

    Buffalo Bill was never anything more than an insurance policy for Hannibal Lecter.

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    The Cigarettes Trigger Breakdowns In 'Shutter Island'

    From Redditor u/metromachine:

    Towards the end of the film when it's revealed that Edward Daniels (Leonardo Dicaprio) is actually Andrew Laeddis, Andrew reluctantly accepts reality and comes to terms with the fact that he's a patient in the asylum. This is perfect timing considering how he only has short time left before his scheduled lobotomy. So you think, yay! Andrew doesn't have to get the lobotomy because he has accepted his craziness before it was too late. Dr. Crawely explains to him how he once broke him before, but he snapped back into insanity nine months prior. Although he is prone to snapping back into insanity, I believe that he was actually perfectly fine and ready to re-join society. His final step was leaving the island, and not snapping back.

    Now we get to the final scene. Andrew is sitting down, waiting for the ferry. I believe that right now, he is cured and truly waiting for the ferry. But uh-oh, here comes his caretaker. During his insanity, Andrew believed that his caretaker/therapist was actually his police partner named Chuck. He sits down and joins Andrew. He offers Andrew a cigarette. This is where Andrew went back to insanity - after being offered that cigarette. The entire film, especially towards the end, crazy Andrew was taught by his imaginary friends that cigarettes were bad, and not to take them. The cigarettes also have a distinct logo on them, something he becomes familiar with after his own pack becomes wet, and he takes some from the hospital's workers. Being offered that cigarette, accepting it, and smoking it brought Andrew back, and created Edward once more.

    If Andrew got back to Boston, even after seeing those cigarettes again, I don't think he would have snapped. He would have associated them with his breakthrough. but since he was on the island, had them handed to him from his "partner" and being watched down by Mr. Crawely, his brain put 1 & 2 together, and out came Edward.

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