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23 Times You've Seen the Actors from SVU Before

Let’s play a fun game called spot Law & Order SVU characters in other roles. Before they landed on the popular show, cast regulars already had quite a body of work between them. In some cases, Law & Order: SVU actors have popped up in some fun, random, and strange places. From daytime soaps to many an ABC Afterschool Special, The SVU cast has made the rounds in Hollywood.
We may know Ice-T as Fin Tutuola, but New Jack City and Tank Girl fans also know him from his work in Johnny Mnemonic, a strange 1990s imagining of the future starring Keanu Reeves. The next time you watch Leaving Las Vegas, look out for Mariska Hargitay as a hooker. Yep, there she is, performing with a really depressed Nic Cage. Christopher Meloni may be known for his serious acting chops, but the actor is not afraid to slip into some gross prosthetics and play a character called Freakshow in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.
Where have you seen Law & Order actors in other roles? Let’s take a look at the many times you seen these actors somewhere else and investigate the standouts.