Graveyard Shift

Law Enforcement Officers Describe The Spookiest Calls They Ever Received  

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Working in law enforcement is difficult enough as it is - when you add on the fact that officers sometimes have to respond to calls that force them to reconsider their perspective on the paranormal, the job becomes downright chilling. The spookiest calls cops have received include everything from unidentified footsteps to retroactively discovering that someone really was inside the caller's house.

The people of Reddit shared the creepy calls cops have responded to that sent chills down their spine or even made them question their own sanity. These stories also prove that you don't need to be working the graveyard shift to encounter something spooky. When someone is scared enough to dial the local police - or even 911 - it likely means there is something seriously scary happening on the other end of the line.

The Man Was Actually Inside The House

From Redditor /u/ meriD_ :

Police officer here. One evening about eight years ago, it was pouring outside and we got a call from an elderly woman. She called in and said that she was hearing footsteps in her house, and she thought there was a ghost inside because she regularly heard the sound of someone walking upstairs, [even though] she lived alone. We went just to check it out and make sure that everything was okay.

She stayed on the line with the 911 operator because she was frightened. About three minutes after she initially called in, she said that there was actually a man standing outside in her backyard, staring at her through her sliding glass door. Petrified, the woman froze in that spot and continued to stare directly the man. For the next minute or two, she said that he was just standing there, still as could be, staring at her. Eventually, the man slunk off out of sight.

When we arrived about 12 minutes after the call first came in, we went to the front door. I remained in the foyer with the woman, and the other officer went to the backyard to see if the man was still hiding out or if there were any traces of him. I spoke with her for several minutes until the other officer returned. He said there was no trace of anyone having been in the backyard. We set off to do a quick sweep before we left to make sure the house was all clear. In her living room, we discovered a trail of mud and footprints inside the house.

I asked the woman if she had been outside at all that day or if anyone had been over to visit her. She said no, that she lived alone, and that no one had come by to visit. The woman had very poor eyesight and was hard of hearing.

The woman had seen the man's reflection and mistakenly thought he was in front of her, on the other side of the glass, in her backyard. In reality, he had been standing only a few feet behind her in the same room while she had been talking to 911.

Nothing was [taken], broken, or out of place, so we don't know what his intentions were. Who knows what would have happened had she not stayed on the line with the operator.

They Heard Screams Coming From A Nearby Creek

From Redditor /u/elephantpudding:

[I was] called to a residence out in the [Wyoming] boonies at about 11pm about suspicious activity. When we get there, we are told by the family... that there are very strange screams coming from a creek area about 1,000 feet out. And sure enough, waiting outside on the porch with them for about a minute, I hear it. It is very hard to describe what it sounded like. It was like a woman in very severe distress, but higher pitched, and each scream lasted for about 10-15 seconds. [It] never sounded like it was saying anything, it just sounded like a cry of sheer terror. And it repeated again.

We tell the family we are going to investigate... We hear about two more screams, [which get] louder as we approach the creek. By now, we're both kind of freaked out. There are two possibilities: someone is [being slain] in the creek bed, or it's a wild animal.

As we approach the creek bed, we hear no screams for about five minutes. We search around and find nothing, yelling at the top of our lungs for somebody to come towards [us] if they are there.

Then, we hear the exact same scream behind us, exactly from where we came from. We get about halfway back to the house, and the scream comes so loudly it seems to be right next to us. We frantically shine our flashlights everywhere and find nothing, no eye glints of animals, no rustling of bushes, just silence. We trace our steps back, and the scream comes from around the creek again. This time, it lasted about 30 seconds and was much louder than before. Our retreat becomes a little more hastened.

By this time, we were both scared and verified with the family to call us again if they heard it. 

I still don't know what it was. As an avid outdoorsman, I know no animal makes a cry like that, especially one that can move stealthily without being spotted by flashlights.

Something else that weirded me out was that it was completely silent while the screams were happening. During summer in Wyoming, there is always some type of ambient animal sounds, frogs croaking, crickets chirping, owls hooting, coyotes howling, etc, but there was nothing. Until we were leaving and the screams had stopped. Then a frog started croaking.

They Responded To What Appeared To Be A False Alarm

From Redditor /u/fzombie:

I was doing security at a hospital with an ER, ICU, Surgical until, the whole works, and I got called to several paranormal calls. 

This time, [multiple nurses] saw a guy on the camera who was [nearing his end] - a guy who kept saying "I will not die in a hospital" earlier that day - literally push his curtain aside and walk out of his room toward the elevator. A code was called, and everyone immediately posted at their designated locations.

Within seconds, there were people watching the elevators and stairs, and security started combing the area and investigating. As I reached the ICU floor, I spoke with the Lead Nurse, and she told me several of the nurses saw him leave. At that moment, monitors started going off. The guy never left. The guy went code blue and [passed] right then.

There were three witnesses on the report that say he got up and left and were serious enough to call a code, which could cost them their jobs if they were wrong. The bosses wouldn't let us watch the video but... [they] said the nurses did the right thing and some things just can't be explained.

They Encountered A Group Of Children With Red Eyes

From Redditor /u/Jrodri0502:

[I am a] military policeman in the Marine Corps. While stationed at Camp Lejeune, a dispatcher got a call from a terrified wife that kids were trying to get into her house (it was a little after midnight). We thought this was just a drunken spouse call and responded not on high alert, just kinda wanted to make sure the lady was alright. 

The woman is obviously shaken, still with puffy eyes. She tells us four children with red eyes rang her doorbell and asked to come inside, and when she refused, they got angry. The kids terrorized her for five minutes (her own child was put to bed and her husband was deployed). 

My partner and I decide to do a little walking patrol of that housing area. In each housing area, there's usually a decent-sized playground, [and] as we were walking up to it, we both see some kids swinging (curfew is 8pm for young children unless accompanied by an adult on base). I'm spooked at this point, and I know my partner is, too. They look over at us and just stare. We started backtracking, and then turned and didn't look back. [We] didn't talk about it the rest of the night, either.

Later on, I looked up the incident online since Lejeune is famous for lots of paranormal activity, and turns out the little red-eyed kids have been reported before.