Politics Republicans Only: Which Lawmaker's Sentiment Best Reflects Your Opinion Of The Trump-Putin Summit?  

Ryan Carlquist
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List Rules Republicans only: vote up the sentiments that most accurately reflect your own feelings about the Trump-Putin Summit on July 16, 2018; vote down those that miss the mark.

Donald J. Trump has been a controversial politician since his presidential nomination in 2016, and has become a principal figure in the global news cycle ever since. On July 16, 2018, media outlets were abuzz yet again as Trump returned home from his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin after verbally dismissing the United States intelligence community in favor of assurances from the Russian president. Trump spoke against the findings previously presented by US intelligence, stating that he didn't see why Russia would have interfered in the 2016 election. Trump has since walked back his statement from the summit, claiming that he misspoke and his intentions were misunderstood. 

Trump has been met with an onslaught of condemnation from lawmakers on both sides of the political fence, which suggests that he may have overstepped even the most forgiving political lines with his comments. Trump retains that he met with Putin from a "position of strength" hoisted by a "booming US economy and strong military." Despite this, both republican and democratic lawmakers have been lining up to make their voices heard on this matter, and while some still rush to their president's defense, more and more seem to be raising up arms against him. Here are summaries of some of the most commonly held sentiments expressed by notable republican lawmakers in response to the summit scandal.

So, REPUBLICAN VOTERS ONLY, which lawmakers' sentiments do you most closely align with, and which positions do you find to be a bit ludicrous?

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The Russians aren't our friends, we should believe the intelligence community.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan

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Trump's performance was a disgrace.

Senator John McCain

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Russia undoubtedly interfered with our election.

House Speaker Paul Ryan

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Trump allowed himself to become a Russian pawn.

Representative Will Hurd

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Blaming the United States is bizarre and wrong, only further playing into Russian propaganda.

Senator Ben Sasse

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Trump shouldn't have expressed doubt when it came to the intelligence team's conclusion.

Senator Susan Collins

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Trump's suggestion of a moral equivalence between the US and Russia is wrong.

Representative Liz Cheney

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Trump can rightfully admit to Russian interference without delegitimizing his electoral victory.

Representative Trey Gowdy

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Trump put America first in the press conference.

Vice President Mike Pence

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The former administration is to blame, Trump has been harder on Russia than Obama.

Representative Ron DeSantis

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It was a missed opportunity by Trump to hold Russia accountable for their actions.

Senator Lindsey Graham

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America also meddles in elections, and Russia interfered to a lesser degree.

Representative Dana Rohrabacher

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It was an overall disservice to the armed forces and our intelligence services.

Representative Adam Kinzinger

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We should question the very integrity of the FBI, and Mueller's indictments were oddly timed.

Representative Darrell Issa

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President Trump made America look weak.

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker

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Trump should have confronted Putin at the summit, and not been a pushover.

Senator Tim Scott, Representative Frank LoBiondo