Unspeakable Times

Lawyers Describe What It's Like To Defend The World's Most Notorious Killers

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a serial killer's lawyer? Do those representatives of the law ever get disgusted by their clients? Are they somehow able to remain neutral while defending some of the worst people who have ever lived? Is it possible that the lawyers secretly wish that their clients won't get off? It's entirely possible that they do but whether their respective clients are guilty or not, lawyers must represent them.

The following list offers insight about lawyers who've defend serial killers and what they had to say about the cases. While all the attorneys tend to agree that the circumstances were mentally exhausting, some seem to have faired worse than others. The man who defended Aileen Wuornos actually said that his life was ruined as a result of the case. Still, some others preferred to look at the positive aspects of working with notorious criminals. One man who represented John Wayne Gacy believed that the case had a positive impact on his life.

As long as depraved men and women kill, defense attorneys will have jobs. The exceptionally good attorneys will even land some surprising acquittals. None of the guilty parties on this list were acquitted but read on to learn about the lawyers who defended them.